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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Brooksville's Brown ready to go to extremes

Hernando Today correspondent


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At the age of 12, most kids go to school, do their chores, and if they are lucky, play a sport.

Well meet Seth Brown, a 12-year old from Brooksville who is not so average.

"I think I'm average in some areas," Brown said, "but then I do things some kids choose not to do."

Brown competes in motocross, and is already garnering attention at the national level.

"My mom and dad always had bikes and I started riding when I was young." Brown said, "My mom and dad are my inspiration."

His mom understands her child's love for his sport and sometimes his passion for it even surprises her still.

"Seth doesn't treat motocross as a sport he treats it like a religion," Valerie Brown said "His room is decorated in it; he eats, breathes, and sleeps motocross."

The commitment to his craft includes a diet, fitness training and bike training every day.

"It's hard because I'll ask him if he wants to go to a friend's birthday and he will say no," Mrs. Brown said. "It's gotten to the point where he will look at the nutrition facts at the supermarket."

One day Seth hopes to reach his goal which is making the X-Games.

"I think motocross can take me all the way," he said, "but if it doesn't I will be going to college."

The risk that comes with doing such an extreme sport is it can take a toll on even the most mentally tough of parents.

"It's nerve-racking, it's taken 10 years off my life," Mrs. Brown said, "But at the same time can you really crush your child's dream? It's a tough situation."

No situation was tougher than one night after a practice.

"I remember telling my husband to bring (Seth) in." Mrs. Brown recalled. "They came in and said Seth had taken a fall but my husband said Seth didn't have a scratch and he was fine."

However, as mothers usually do, she has a sense of when something isn't right with her child.

"I know my child," Mrs. Brown said. "I knew something was wrong internally and we took him to the hospital."

Luckily they did, because Seth had lacerated his liver, an injury that would force him to miss six months of riding.

"It was bad, and I said that was the end of (his riding)," Mrs. Brown said. "It was hard because he cried for two days straight so I said we would discuss his riding again."

After the injury Brown came back more focused than ever and has darted across the track qualifying for the 31st annual Red Bull National Championships which is July 29-Aug. 4 in Hurricane Mills, Tenn.

While the kid they call "Downtown" is humble, he certainly holds himself to a high standard.

"My goal is to win nationals," Brown said. "I can do it."

Brown should be confident, because to get to this level the he has beaten kids as old as 16.

"I think it makes people notice me," Brown said. "Before they didn't know me and now they go 'Look there's Seth, he's really fast.'"

His ability to go fast can't get him out of his chores, though.

"Oh he knows school comes first," Mrs. Brown said. "If he doesn't do his homework he doesn't get to practice or ride. I don't care if it's nationals of not."

So maybe Brown isn't so different from all 12-year-olds, he just happens to take everything to the extreme.

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