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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

Hernando finishes second to Pasco, earns regional berth

BY KENNY SANDERS Hernando Today correspondent
Published:   |   Updated: April 4, 2013 at 08:50 PM

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Shelby Marrero won at No. 2 singles, Lida Marie Steinkamp won at No. 3, and the duo of freshman Grace Curren and Marrero won at No. 1 doubles, but Hernando fell just short of host Pasco in the Class 2A, District 6 Tournament.

However, the Lady Leopards are headed to regionals for the first time since 2006, thanks to a second-place finish with 15 points.

Hernando had finalists in four of the five singles brackets, and the tandem of Marrero and Curren are headed to states.

Pasco finished with 16 points to win the team title and Nature Coast finished in third place with 11 points. The team championship was the third in a row for the Lady Pirates.

Marrero, a senior who entered tournament play at 11-1, cruised past Sarah McCord of the Lady Pirates, 6-2, 6-1, in the finals. McCord, the sixth seed, reached the finals by upsetting second-seeded Madeline Pickersgill of Nature Coast, 3-6, 6-2, 7-5 in the semifinals.

“Shelby has meant so much to this team over the past four years,” Hernando coach Pete Lahey said. “Losing her to graduation will be tough for this team, but I am definitely proud of what she has accomplished.”

Steinkamp defeated Katie Viola of the Lady Sharks in the semifinals before crushing Pasco’s Amanda Dee in the finals, 6-0, 6-0.

Curren and Marrero (13-1) won the No. 1 doubles tournament by blanking Christine Sniffen and Viola of Nature Coast, 6-0, 6-0, in Wednesday’s semifinals before downing Pasco’s pair of Johnson and McCord, 6-4, 6-1, in the final Thursday morning.

The tournament stretched into a third day for No. 1 doubles, due to FHSAA rules regarding maximum individual participation in a day.

Lahey, who will be retiring at the end of the school year, proclaimed that this year’s team is the deepest he has coached in his seven years at the helm for the Lady Leopards. Key to that depth this year has been the play of a couple of freshmen, both of whom reached their singles final.

In No. 1 singles play, Curren advanced to the finals to play for a spot in states. Curren pushed Mady Johnson of Pasco to a tiebreaker in the first set, but Johnson prevailed, 7-6 (7-1), 6-1.

Caitlynn Nixon (8-4) reached the finals at No. 5 for the Lady Leopards, but lost to Jennifer Sniffen (10-2) of Nature Coast, 6-2, 4-6, 6-2.

Lahey pointed to Curren and Nixon as reasons why the program’s future is solid.

“To have a couple of freshmen play so well in the district tournament means a lot,” Lahey said. “Grace has been great all year and Caitlynn’s improvement throughout the year has been really impressive. They will be important pieces of this team for years to come.”

Dorothy Cash of the Lady Sharks made it to the finals at No. 4, but was dispatched by Shelbie Timlake of Pasco, 6-1, 6-2.

The pair of Pickersgill and Cash beat Steinkamp and Shelby Smith of Hernando in the semifinals at No. 2 doubles, but fell to Dee and Shelbie Timlake of the Lady Pirates in the final, 6-1, 6-4.

Class 2A, District 6 Tournament

At Pasco

Team Standings


1. Dade City- Pasco (PAS) 16

2. Brooksville- Hernando (HRN) 15

3. Brooksville- Nature Coast Tech (NCT) 11

4. Hudson- Fivay (FVY) 3

5. Holiday- Anclote (ANC) 2

5. New Port Richey- Gulf (GLF) 2

7. Hudson (HUD) 0

7. Wesley Chapel (WC) 0


Hernando’s 2A-6 Individual Results

Singles W L PL

Grace Curren 2 1 2nd

Shelby Marrero 3 0 1st

Lida Marie Steinkamp 3 0 1st

Shelby Smith 1 1 –

Caitlynn Nixon 2 1 2nd


Doubles W L PL

Curren/Marrero 3 0 1st

Steinkamp/Smith 1 1 -


Nature Coast Tech’s 2A-6 Individual Results

Singles W L PL

Christine Sniffen 1 1 –

Madeline Pickersgill 1 1 –

Katie Viola 1 1 –

Dorothy Cash 2 1 2nd

Jennifer Sniffen 3 0 1st


Doubles W L PL

C. Sniffen/Viola 1 1 –

Pickersgill/Cash 2 1 2nd



No. 1

Round 1:

Grace Curren (HRN) def. Dominique Cirnigliaro (HUD) 6-0, 6-0.

Ashleigh Day (FVY) def. Amanda Zammit (ANC) 6-3, 6-1.

Christine Sniffen (NCT) def. Allison Kosloski (WC) 6-3, 6-2.

Mady Johnson (PAS) def. Casey Siena (GLF) 6-2, 6-0.

Round 2:

Grace Curren (HRN) def. Ashleigh Day (FVY) 6-0, 6-2.

Mady Johnson (PAS) def. Christine Sniffen (NCT) 6-4, 6-0.

Round 3:


Mady Johnson (PAS) def. Grace Curren (HRN) 7-6 (7-1), 6-1.

No. 2

Round 1:

Shelby Marrero (HRN) def. Darian Brothers (HUD) 6-0, 6-0.

Mariah Fischer (ANC) def. Lauren Stookey (WC) 6-0, 6-0.

Sarah McCord (PAS) def. Hac-Tu Chung (GLF) 6-0, 6-1.

Madeline Pickersgill (NCT) def. Esther Eaton (FVY) 6-0, 6-4.

Round 2:

Shelby Marrero (HRN) def. Mariah Fischer (ANC) 6-0, 6-0.

Sarah McCord (PAS) def. Madeline Pickersgill (NCT) 3-6, 6-2, 7-5.



Shelby Marrero (HRN) def. Sarah McCord (PAS) 6-2, 6-1.

No. 3

Round 1:

Lida Marie Steinkamp (HRN) def. Salma Aly (WC) 6-1, 6-0.

Katie Viola (NCT) def. Sokheng Danh (GLF) 6-1, 6-1.

Alyssa Dierking (FVY) def. Sierra Yanez (ANC) 6-3, 6-3.

Amanda Dee (PAS) def. Ashley Powers (HUD) 6-1, 6-0.

Round 2:

Lida Marie Steinkamp (HRN) def. Katie Viola (NCT) 6-2, 6-2.

Amanda Dee (PAS) def. Alyssa Dierking (FVY) 6-2, 6-2.

Round 3:


Lida Marie Steinkamp (HRN) def. Amanda Dee (PAS) 6-0, 6-0.

No. 4

Round 1:

Shelbie Timlake (PAS) had a bye.

Shelby Smith (HRN) def. Kayse Ramirez (HUD) 6-0, 6-0.

Fadua Gonzalez (ANC) def. Amber Chiotasso (GLF) 2-6, 6-4, 6-2.

Dorothy Cash (NCT) def. Breanna Tonello (FVY) 6-3, 6-0.

Round 2:

Shelbie Timlake (PAS) def. Shelby Smith (HRN) 6-0, 6-0.

Dorothy Cash (NCT) def. Fadua Gonzalez (ANC) by default.

Round 3:


Shelbie Timlake (PAS) def. Dorothy Cash (NCT) 6-1, 6-2.

No. 5

Round 1:

Jennifer Sniffen (NCT) had a bye.

Sarah Slayton (PAS) def. Tiffany Lewis (ANC) 6-1, 6-2.

Shea Dickey (GLF) def. Emilee Beard (HUD) 6-1, 6-0.

Caitlynn Nixon (HRN) def. Taylor Rhoades (FVY) 6-4, 6-1.

Round 2:

Jennifer Sniffen (NCT) def. Sarah Slayton (PAS) 7-5, 2-6, 6-2.

Caitlynn Nixon (HRN) def. Shea Dickey (GLF) 6-1, 6-2.

Round 3:


Jennifer Sniffen (NCT) def. Caitlynn Nixon (HRN) 6-2, 4-6, 6-2.


No. 1

Round 1:

Curren/Marrero (HRN) def. Cirnigliaro/Powers (HUD) 6-0, 6-0.

C. Sniffen/Viola (NCT) def. Kosloski/Stookey (WC) 6-0, 6-0.

Day/Eaton (FVY) def. Zammit/Yanez (ANC) 6-2, 6-3.

Johnson/McCord (PAS) def. Chiotasso/Siena (GLF) 6-1, 6-2.

Round 2

Curren/Marrero (HRN) def. C. Sniffen/Viola (NCT) 6-2, 6-3.

Johnson/McCord (PAS) def. Day/Eaton (FVY) 6-1, 6-1.

Round 3


Curren/Marrero (HRN) def. Johnson/McCord (PAS) 6-4, 6-1.

No. 2

Round 1:

Pickersgill/Cash (NCT) had a bye.

Steinkamp/Smith (HRN) def. Ramirez/Brothers (HUD) 6-0, 6-0.

Chung/Iye (GLF) def. Tonello/Watson (FVY) 6-3, 6-1.

Dee/Timlake (PAS) def. Lewis/Fischer (ANC) 6-0, 6-0.

Round 2:

Pickersgill/Cash (NCT) def. Steinkamp/Smith (HRN) 6-2, 6-1.

Dee/Timlake (PAS) def. Chung/Iye (GLF) 6-0, 6-0.

Round 3:


Dee/Timlake (PAS) def. Pickersgill/Cash (NCT) 6-1, 6-4.

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