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LeBlanc: Baker act is a dementia dilemma

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); In 1971, Maxine Baker was a state representative from Miami. She had a heart for mental health issues and this concern led ... Continue Reading →
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LeBlanc: A letter of competency

In my estimation there is no disease that can tear a family apart faster than Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. The reason for this may be the need for extensive care to keep ... Continue Reading →
Medicare’s 2015 Advantage Plans

Just out of the box: Medicare’s 2015 Advantage Plans

This annual opener to the holiday season is much like Halloween or Christmas, depending on your health-care plan. After an overall 3 percent cut for 2015 plans, nothing appeared too ... Continue Reading →
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Pay attention to early symptoms of heart attacks

During a health education talk to seniors, I posed a couple of questions. “What is the commonest symptom you feel in the early stage of a heart attack?” Most answered, “It’s ... Continue Reading →

Medicare open enrollment for 2015 approaching

Now that you have made yourself comfortable with your Medicare coverage it is time to check out any changes coming your way for 2015. Open enrollment 2015 starts Oct. 15 and ends Dec. ... Continue Reading →

Hidden depression

Karen Smith has battled depression most of her life. She has tried to manage the condition with drug treatments and speaks regularly with a therapist. Yet Smith — her real name is ... Continue Reading →

LeBlanc: Primary progressive aphasia

There is a neurological disorder called primary progressive aphasia. It is a form of cognitive impairment which affects a person’s language skills. Not only does it confuse words ... Continue Reading →

Ten begin hospital’s internal medicine residency program

On July 1, 10 enthusiastic residents sporting white lab coats began a three-year internal medicine residency program. The program is recognized by the Accredited Council of Graduate ... Continue Reading →
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LeBlanc: When dementia patients refuse to take

It is common for our loved ones living with dementia to refuse to take their medications. When this happens we need to look at the situation in a couple of different ways. First, are ... Continue Reading →
Betsy Vipond

Medicare’s initial enrollment questionnaire

Enrolling in Medicare is a new experience for most. Whether getting Medicare by disability or by aging in, you are like the new kid in school. They don’t know you. Betsy Vipond Because ... Continue Reading →