Tuesday, Jul 29, 2014

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Annual physicals a good idea for kids

Annual physicals a good idea for kids

BROOKSVILLE — Jen Darby, mother of 13-year-old Tyler and 9-year-old Jessie, spends a good portion of summer vacation preparing for the upcoming school year. Like most parents she plans back-to-school shopping trips for clothes and school suppl...
Published: 07/27/14
Ten begin hospital’s internal medicine residency program

Ten begin hospital’s internal medicine residency program

On July 1, 10 enthusiastic residents sporting white lab coats began a three-year internal medicine residency program.
Published: 07/19/14
Updated: 07/22/14

LeBlanc: Primary progressive aphasia

There is a neurological disorder called primary progressive aphasia. It is a form of cognitive impairment which affects a person’s language skills. Not only does it confuse words the person is trying to say, it also may limit the intake of the...
Published: 07/20/14

LeBlanc: Hurricane Season and Dementia

For the past six years I have written articles about the challenges of caring for someone with dementia during hurricane season. To all caregivers I recommend being prepared at all times of the year, in case evacuation becomes necessary.
Published: 07/13/14
The changing face of Medicare

The changing face of Medicare

With all the recent changes to Medicare Advantage plans many members of Original Medicare do not recognize that their health plan consistently is changing. One of the biggest concerns of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid is how to control Medicare co...
Published: 07/13/14

Avoiding Overheating

Warm, lazy days of summer equate to lapsed schedules, flexible routines and lots of outdoor fun in the sun. But in Florida, those outdoor activities hold a special risk to the health and well-being of children and older adults — especially whe...
Published: 07/12/14
Child drowning prevention saves lives

Child drowning prevention saves lives

As families flock to beaches and swimming pools this summer, water safety and drowning prevention should be top priorities.
Published: 07/05/14
Updated: 07/08/14

Wever: PTSD more dehabilitating than many think

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be one of the more debilitating mental health disorders. According to a study conducted in the Netherlands, the effect of PTSD is equivalent to the burden of paraplegia. Many people are surprised by that info...
Published: 07/06/14

LeBlanc: When dementia patients refuse to take medication

It is common for our loved ones living with dementia to refuse to take their medications. When this happens we need to look at the situation in a couple of different ways.
Published: 07/06/14

LeBlanc: when loved ones with dementia refuse to eat

If you are caring for a loved one with a dementia related disease, it is likely a time will come during the latter stage when they will lose their desire to eat. One of the causes of this may be that their body no longer recognizes the signs of hunge...
Published: 06/29/14

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