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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

Global warming: A bunch of hot air

Published:   |   Updated: May 13, 2013 at 02:02 PM

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Here he goes again! Dallas Dunlap has the real skinny on "climate change" (notice we don't call it global warming anymore) because sometimes we have a few warm years and sometimes we have a few cooler years. His scientists have the factual information on what's going on in our atmosphere and all other opinions are just hokum coming from right-wing wastewater managers and other misinformed, mistaken or downright unscrupulous idiots.

The fact is for every scientist who blames "climate change" on carbon emissions there are two more who say it's a natural phenomenon that we really can't control, and three more who'll blame it on Martians, cow flatulence or Aunt Brenda's baked beans.

Here's some inconvenient truth for you cuzzin Dallas. "The climes have been a'changin" for billions of years, and you, Al Gore and all your other fuzzy logicians aren't going to stop it. Continents have been dancing across the surface of the globe (see earthquakes), volcanoes have been creating new land masses and spewing nastiness (see Galapagos) and the sun has been shooting flares and radiation (see Coppertone) long before Adam donned the fig leaf Speedo. Every infinitesimally tiny wobble in the Earth's axis has a profound effect on our climate!

We can all agree that limiting carbon emissions is a good thing as evidenced by the haze over cities like Los Angeles and my own "unscientific" measurements of global "ring around the collar" problems, but if Mother Earth decides to get a fever, don't bother shooting ibuprofen into the atmosphere.

So the Earth is warming and greenhouse gasses are (I quote you) almost certainly the cause and we use this as a logical reason to tax carbon emissions, thereby slaughtering our already brutalized economy, destroying a few million or more jobs and turning us into the latest, greatest Banana Republic. An excuse to continue our stupid dependence on foreign oil, an excuse for running around the world apologizing for being the most successful, yet kindest, most generous and freedom loving country in the world!

And this is not left-wing fear-mongering?

Sorry, Dallas, but you have a history of fostering left-wing enviro-blather with misquotes and exaggerations. Remember your fuzzy facts on the Destin Dome, the Bakken Formation and the Baltimore Canyon? Just like your citing the Maldives to illustrate your point. The Maldives are 1,192 tiny islands in the Indian Ocean, of which 200 are inhabited and most of which are merely a few inches above sea level. A windy day puts most of them under water! Can you spell tsunami?

In my opinion, you could eliminate much of the global warming by limiting the hot air coming out of your back yard.

Tom Cannariato

Weeki Wachee

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