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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Our shameful, dangerous commander-in-chief

JOHN NASH, Of Cabbages and Kings Hernando Today
Published:   |   Updated: May 10, 2013 at 03:38 PM

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Our President is thought, by many elite liberals, and other ignorant residents of these United States of America to be a man of unusual intellect and high education. I see him as a typical lawyer (that's hardly a compliment), whose early life was shaped by friends, family and forces not particularly friendly to what this nation was conceived to be, nor to what it has become. In my view, Mr. Obama is first and foremost concerned with himself, then with promoting his deeply believed destructive social policies. I can think of a no more dangerous man that has ever been in his position of unparalleled power.

Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama offers us regular opportunities to get inside his Harvard-shaped head, and thus to see not only what the man is really up to, but also what he is most likely to try to do in the future. The most current example of such unintended revelation has to do with Memorial Day (May 30th, Hillary, not the 31st), nor any other date selected to turn the once-significant day into just another three-day weekend without meaning).

Our commander-in-chief (that, Hillary, is the supreme commander of all Armed Forces) should have - especially in light of the just-announced 1,000th death of soldiers fighting a poorly conducted, on-going conflict in a place we shouldn't be - addressed the nation from Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day. There is, of course, no more hallowed ground to our national heroes in uniform, than Arlington, and especially, the Tomb of the Unknowns. But what did our military leader (the brilliant and cerebral Mr. Obama) do on the 30th and/or 31st? No, he didn't go to Disney World, but he might better have done so; nor did he even pretend to be patriotic by being present at Arlington on this hallowed day: instead, he spent millions of our tax dollars taking a fleet of military aircraft and a legion of support personnel and close cronies to Chicago: that infamous land of corrupt politics, where he got his sorry start as a destructive politician.

OK, there's no question that Mr. Obama owes more to sleazy politicians in Chicago than to the military personnel that lay down their lives for him, but today's news adds even more damning evidence that BHO is the most dangerous and inept president this nation has ever known. [Note: kindly be appropriately respectful to the office of the President, and when using just the initials, please don't omit the middle one.] Now, let's look at the not insignificant matter of international relations between our nation and Israel.

Time magazine, like most of the effete liberal media, fawns and genuflects at the altar of Obama. They recently ran a piece of propaganda pointing out that: "...Obama, a former professor, is impassive and pragmatic; Netanyahu (Israel's chosen leader), a former commando, is macho and proud. Obama reaches out to rivals; Netanyahu confronts them." I say, if so, hooray for Netanyahu, and shame on our spineless, socialistic President (and, incidentally, for Time, you won't survive another year with that tired elitist line).

I have never approved of everything Israel has done, but I offer them my admiration for having the guts to stand up and defend their right to exist as a nation. Kindly allow me to state that I far more admire Mr. Netanyahu, whom has the backbone to support his moral convictions and his nation, than I do our indecisive, socialistic, and politically controlled lawyer - Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama. The commander-in-chief that chose to spend Memorial Day in Chicago, with his amoral and unconscionable buddies.

Of Cabbages and Kings is a syndicated column by J.G. Nash.

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