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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Restroom project classic example of government waste

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Published:   |   Updated: May 10, 2013 at 04:17 PM

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The issue: $163,000 price tag for a restroom at the trailhead of Suncoast Parkway bike trail. Our opinion: Commissioners would like to flush potty plan, but they may already be too far down the trail.

Talk about stinking to high heaven.

That's what Hernando County commissioners have come to think about a plan to spend nearly $163,000 for a restroom at the U.S. 98 trailhead of the Suncoast Parkway bike trail.

Thank goodness their noses are starting to work better when it comes to sniffing out government waste. After all, these are they're the same folks who squandered more than $800,000 in federal "stimulus" money earlier this year to repave 20 miles of practically flawless bike trail through Hernando County.

Kind of like having your car completely repainted because of a door ding.

Commissioner Jeff Stabins pointed out that the restroom project would be more expensive than replacing his home and that concerned him.

It should.

When the average home price in Hernando County is barely holding at $105,000, you've got to wonder what goes through bureaucrats' minds when they come up with a $163,000 bathroom boondoggle.

Somebody's spending too much time on the throne.

A public restroom at the start of a bike trial (or end, depending on which way you're heading) makes little sense regardless of cost. It's either too far away or too close.

At any rate, we were delighted commissioners decided to flush this exorbitant potty project down the drain. It is a classic waste of taxpayer dollars.

Unfortunately, the tragedy of this story is that the county has already spent $63,000 of state grant money on engineering design costs. So, if the county decides to cancel the project, local taxpayers will be on the hook to pay it back to the state.


Maybe that should have been the first red flag - $63,000 for engineering/design costs on a bike trail restroom that probably shouldn't cost that much to build in the first place.

Surely there have been trail-type restrooms designed and engineered before. Why are we reinventing the restroom? Spending $63,000 to design and engineer a bathroom is outrageous.

What ever happened to renting portable toilets? Why would sweaty bike riders, rollerbladers and walkers out in the great outdoors need anything more?

This is a perfect example of why our nation is in debt to the tune of $14 trillion dollars. If one simple bike trail bathroom project in Brooksville, Fla., costs $163,000, think of all those wasteful projects all over the state and nation that are being funded with tax dollars. Someday, somebody is going to have to pay the tab.

In the scheme of government debt, it might only be $163,000 for a restroom, but this is exactly the type of senseless government spending that needs to be wiped out.

Pass the Charmin.

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