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Letters to the editor, Dec. 10

Published:   |   Updated: May 10, 2013 at 12:19 AM

Tax and spend

We are drowning in debt — $15 trillion in the hole, and the only solution the Democrats have is to tax the rich. That's it? Are you kidding me?

These Democrats in Washington have one platform with only one page with three words on it — tax and spend. What else have they put forth? Have I missed it? Where are their spending cuts? What have they proposed? Obama, Biden, Reed, Pelosi, Kerry, Bill Nelson; what is their plan to fix our country's debt? Seriously — have you seen anything else from them?

They have blamed the Republicans for not compromising and the failure of the super committee, but that's not true. Republican Sen. Pat Toomey offered a compromise that included tax reform. What was the Democrat compromise? There was none unless I missed it. Republican Rep. Paul Ryan submitted and the House passed a budget bill that had more spending cuts than the super committee needed to cut. What happened to it? The Democrat Senate refused to vote on it. This same Democrat Senate has not passed a budget in almost three years in spite of it being required by law annually.

Their only plan, it would seem, is to tax the 1 percent who they classify as rich. What about the 50 percent who pay no taxes? How do they get a pass when this country is in so much financial trouble? Where is Obama's leadership? What else has he put forward? A payroll tax cut. He harps on this as a solution. It, in fact, cuts a person's percentage of contribution to Social Security. It's your money; the less you pay into Social Security, the less you get back when you need it the most. What a great plan. Obama and the Democrats are sure looking out for the working man. The other major Democrat idea is extend unemployment payments. How many jobs will that create? How does either help reduce the deficit?

Republican Rep. Richard Nugent wrote a letter stating Washington is broken. I could not agree more. The Democrats in Washington are an absolute disgrace. They preach bipartisanship, but they never compromise. The only way to fix our country is to vote out every politician that will not or cannot put party aside and country first.

Remember what they do next November.

Mike Flavin

Spring Hill

'Tis the season

If Christmas seems somewhere in the far distant future, you would be wrong. All you had to do was attend Dell Barnes' winter concert at Hernando High Performing Arts Center Monday night, and you would have realized the Christmas spirit had arrived sooner than you thought.

The evening could not have been nicer from beginning to end. The music, dancing and solos were top notch. It seemed as if Broadway was right here in Brooksville.

I, for one, got lost in the moment and actually enjoyed all the hustle and bustle of the season and embraced the evening and the "reason for the season."

Dell Barnes not only did an outstanding job of directing the musical evening but his saxophone playing was awesome. It is not fair to have all that talent in one person, but thank goodness he chose to share it with others. We are the winners in that situation.

Congratulations to all involved — musicians, singers, dancers, mistresses of ceremony, and last but not least, the greeters at the door. They all made us feel so welcome.

Brooksville Elementary, please continue to make each Christmas holiday so enjoyable. We will be looking forward to another concert next December.

Bless each and every one of you. Merry Christmas.

Julia Jinkens


We need to change

The character and philosophy of the current generation has changed for the worst, and they are leading our country to personal and economic failure.

The sad thing is that there is no one trying to change it and save us from this failure.

Let me recite a few of these problems as I see them. The sacrifice of long-term gains for short-time gratification. The extreme rise in personal and public debt. The rise in drug and alcohol addiction.

The greed and criminal acts of officials in many large companies, as well as the failure of our government to prosecute them. Society has lost its ability to self-regulate, and the government has failed to recognize this.

States and cities, as well as our federal government, are piling up debt they cannot afford. We keep putting off to the future problems that we must face today. The federal government is not able to reduce the spending. The economic mortgage disaster that Congress permitted (Barney Frank and company). Lobbyists owning our congressmen and lobbyists making our laws. Rise in court litigation, particularly in personal injury claims and other unnecessary litigation. Unnecessary technical restriction in criminal judicial proceedings, unnecessary crowded courts, prison not being a penalty. Forty years of violence on television and the movies has made violence acceptable in our lives. Loss of industry together with jobs, the rise of gambling that takes money from those who can least afford to lose, unnecessary rise in obesity, increase in crime and killings and more.

Here is my brief answer to these problems: honesty, responsibility, hard work, moderation, care for your fellow man, live within your means, sobriety, no procrastination, stop violence on television, require that government live within its means — with a budget, limit congressional terms, protect industry and private jobs, reduce the size of government and its agencies. Let Fannie May and Freddie Mac fail, limit the recovery in personal injury suits, limit the amount that attorneys can recover in personal injury suits and in class-action suits, assess a penalty against attorneys in unnecessary suits, remove technicalities in criminal suits by revising antiquated rules of procedure, crack down on gang violence and killings. Create stricter laws for banks and mortgage companies. Pass stricter laws against congressional lobbyists. Make prison a time of penalty and not a motel. Stop gambling and close down gambling by Indian tribes. Remove all illegal aliens and their children. Save our industry by making tariffs against foreign goods. Create tougher laws against the distributors of drugs and execute cartel leaders in drugs and more.

Let's go back to the times when men were clean-shaven and women were not covered with tattoos, and when there was sexual morality and women were not abused and when we did not max-out our credit cards and when honesty prevailed.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee


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