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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Letters to the editor, Dec. 31 Hernando Today
Published:   |   Updated: May 10, 2013 at 12:47 AM

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This so-called payroll tax bill is an abomination. Obama and the Democrats have been pushing this since it passed the first time over a year ago. It is not a tax. It is not money going into the general fund. It is your contribution to Social Security.

Does anyone notice that the two premiere platforms of the Democrat Party, Social Security and Medicare are being systematically defunded by this administration? Is anyone awake out there? Certainly not the lame stream media.

The Obamacare health bill cut Medicare by $500 million. They counted that as a saving and then spent it somewhere else. The failure of the super committee (which was supposed to fail – Republican Pat Toomy put forth a compromise which was rejected without a counter offer by the Democrats) mandates more cuts to Medicare as well as our military.

Now only year of this cut to Social Security has gone by and we are about to do it again maybe for another year. Where will that leave the Social Security trust fund? In my humble opinion this is being done on purpose to destroy this country as we know it. It is happening right before our eyes.

What is wrong with the Republicans? Have they gone brain dead? Why is this not pointed out in every speech they make? I would ask where are the journalists, but there are none. The so-called main stream media are an arm of the Democrat Party.

Does anyone wonder what will happen when Social Security and Medicare run out of money? Given these cuts, how long do we have now? Why are we not told exactly how much this is costing and how will it be made up? The Democrats won't tell us. The Republicans won't tell us and certainly the media won't tell us. How can anyone in their right mind vote for this? We are watching our Country slipping away to socialism. What can we do? What can you do? Think about it.

Mike Flavin

Spring Hill

A slippery slope

Several letters recently have been discussing the proposed Keystone pipeline. Most offer interesting rhetoric without supporting facts, as well as a selective understanding of history.

First, I will agree that the U.S. has large oil reserves stemming from the relatively new and efficient ability to extract oil from shale. The oil and economic boom is North Dakota just one testament to the U.S.'s indigenous oil wealth and reserves.

The U.S. has been a net exporter of petroleum products for the last three calendar quarters, especially refined products like gasoline. The conundrum is that extracted within the U.S. is not solely destined for domestic consumption. Oil from Alaska is shipped to Japan. We import oil from Canada and Mexico and Venezuela. That oil is owned by the oil conglomerates and the people globally who invest in and run these conglomerates, not the U.S. government or the U.S. public.

Exxon and others have an interest in maximizing profits, and lower oil prices negatively impacts that objective. Oil shipped in tankers from Middle Eastern oil fields is sold/brokered (speculated) on average three times on commodities markets before it reaches a destination.

Crude oil prices are maintained between $90-100 per barrel today and domestic fuel prices are keyed to that price. Also, that price level is needed to maintain the economies of Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and other oil exporting countries by insuring their they don't collapse and current governments are sustained.

Mr. Tomaselli's comments denigrating our current president for our oil "problems" suggests a poor understanding of history. If anyone is or has been in bed with the Saudi's and Middle Eastern oil, it was the Bushes. Can anyone see Bachmann, Gingrich, Romney, Perry or any of the presidential wannabees sacrificing their fortunes or lives for America or Americans?

Or Bush 43? Not hardly. Bush Petroleum, formerly Arbusto Energy, had very close ties to the Saudi's and the bin Ladin family in Saudi Arabia. George W. Bush himself brokered investments by the bin Ladin family in the oil company founded by his father. During the late 1970s and early 1980's Bush Petroleum and its successor companies were the recipients of large investments by these same Saudis.

In large part we went to war in Iraq as the first step in corralling, for the oil companies, Middle Eastern resources. This is discussed former CIA Director James Woolsey's "World War IV" speech given before the ultra-conservative "Restoration Weekend" in November 2002. It outlines, from the Neo-Con perspective (see George Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz), how the U.S. needs to "take care of" the Middle East problem beginning with Iraq and then followed by Iran, Syria, Libya, etc.

The speech was designed to help "justify" the then upcoming 2003 invasion of Iraq – which is another discussion. Scary thing is that Gingrich, Bachmann, Perry and several others are recent "Restoration Weekend" participants.

Natural resources are important to the U.S.'s economic growth and thus its security. Our westward expansion during the 19th century initially fueled our economic strength. At the end of that century we came out of an isolationist period and initiated expansion globally to sustain and expand America's economic growth.

Teddy Roosevelt's "Great White Fleet" deployment in the early 20th century was a statement of our expanding global presence through the manifestation of sea power, the securing of sea lanes to insure safe trade on the high seas. That global trade remains critical to U.S. security even following the creation of global corporations in the early 21st century.

Discussion of varied ideas and opinions is important to our democratic process. Understanding history and related U.S. policy is critical to informed opinions.

Ted Laven

Dade City

Beware of another Fuehrer

He was scheduled to be the second speaker at this meeting. It was to be his first time as a featured speaker, despite the misgivings of some committee members who doubted his ability at this time.

But when he got up to speak, he astounded everyone with a highly emotional manner of speech making. This was an important moment in this young political career. After 30 minutes the people were electrified and the enthusiasm was first expressed by the fact that his appeal to the self-sacrifice of those present led to the beginning of this young speaker to become the leader of the nation.

No, this was not referring to Barrack Obama and his keynote speech presented at the Democratic National Convention in 2004; this was Adolf Hitler during a meeting of the German Workers' Party in the Sterneckerbrau Beer Hall Munich, Germany in 1919.

Hitler joined the committee and became their seventh official in September 1919. He was given responsibility for publicity and propaganda and his oratory was a great success for the party. The name of the party was itself changed to the National Socialist German Workers Party (or Nazi for short) on April 1, 1920.

Hitler knew how to intimidate people and he formed a private group of thugs which he used to quash disorder at party meetings and later to break up rival party meetings. This group subsequently became the Sturmabteilung or S.A. – Hitler's brown shirted storm troopers.

He chose the swastika as the Nazi party emblem and became the regular main speaker at party events. By 1921, in just three years, Adolf Hitler had virtually secured total control of the Nazi party and became the formal leader of the party with dictatorial powers.

The collapse of the Wall Street Stock Exchange in 1929 led to a worldwide recession which hit Germany especially hard. These conditions were beneficial to Hitler and his Nazi party and he promised the public a way out of their current hardship. Hitler knew how to take advantage of crises and use chaos to promote his political agenda.

By July 14, 1933, Hitler had proclaimed a law stating that the Nazi Party was to be the only political party allowed in Germany. The Nazification of Germany was under way. All non-Nazi organizations were disbanded, including political parties and trade unions. The individual German states were stripped of any autonomous powers they might have had and Nazi officials were installed as state governors. Hitler brought "change" to Germany.

Hitler's rise to power did not come about strictly on his own, he had many followers of the same political persuasion, and gained followers, including the labour unions, who he used to intimate others especially those that opposed him and his political party. But equally important to his rise to power and who eventually became the Fuehrer, was that this was a time the nation was suffering economically.

The people were desperate for food, work, and comfort. Hitler used all these elements to gain a foot hold on the political party he helped form and eventually it became the only party in Germany. The Nazification of Germany was his obsession and the rest of the world became his target. He used Germany's industrial might to build war machines for his planned conquest of the world, while at the same time he annihilated the Jews who he hated. All this came about because; for one, he was a great orator and said what the people wanted to hear, that he would provide for them and save them.

This brief account of Adolf Hitler's rise to power in Germany can happen anywhere at any time. All you need is for someone to lead and inspire the masses and take advantage of a crisis, like not having jobs and a failing economy. Someone who is determined to seek power at all cost, an excellent orator and debater, who at times are arrogant and overbearing.

One of the most pleasant and congenial persons on this earth is no other than the prince of this world, Satan. According to the Bible, he is a leader, a well-spoken person who by his very own nature is a deceiver and a liar, he is evil. Many like Satan have these same natural traits and skills. Over time they become arrogant and self-indulgent to their own desires and wants. Adolf Hitler was the personification of Satan. He mesmerized the masses and gave them what they wanted until one day he took it all back and left them as an empty shell.

Can another Hitler come again, but this time to America and do his bidding to mesmerize the masses, give the people what they want; jobs, wealth and healthcare? Be careful what you ask for, you may not like what you get in the end. You may lose your freedom, your liberties, your pride, your will, and your soul to one that promises change.

What is the point on all this: Beware of the person you pick to be your leader. He could be another Fuehrer. Remember that spoken words can destroy a nation. God forbid that this will happen to America. Make your voice heard and your vote count.

Vinny Martinez


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