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Letters to the editor, Nov. 27

Published:   |   Updated: May 9, 2013 at 11:55 PM

Shallow thinking

The response of Hernando County Commission Chairman Jim Adkins in the Thanksgiving paper is an example of the sick ideology that has divided the United States.

The fact that Mr. Adkins could only think of voting out President Barack Obama as one of the things he is thankful for shows what a small-minded individual he is.

Adkins and his other like-thinking Commissioner Wayne Dukes are against raising revenue even when taxes like mine are near half of what they were in 2007. They care less about our parks and libraries that are short of money to run them properly in the future and teachers and police who have seen no raises in years.

They get pleasure laying off county employees and furthering unemployment in Hernando County. I feel both uncaring commissioners should do one noble thing to help their fellow men: Please resign and save the taxpayers in Hernando County your salaries. Five minus two equals three, and I think three commissioners can do a better job without your shallow thinking.

James Heltsley

Spring Hill

Playing politics

Permit me to draw your priority attention to two persons residing here in Hernando County, who in my personal opinion have justifiably drawn your ire, disrespect and disregard after reading the Nov. 24 Thanksgiving edition of Hernando Today — "Local 'leaders' share thoughts." Or maybe you'll agree with me concerning their disturbing words as herein quoted.

I firmly believe both individuals have clearly violated every canon of decency and sensitivity on the books if you will when affronting the immediate former county administrator and current 44th president as follows: "I am very thankful that we have dismissed the county administrator"; "I'm also thankful that we'll vote (President) Obama out of office next year."

Shamefully unforgivable, especially in their professional rolls as civic activist and chairman of the county commission representing District 5. Regrettably, what Thanksgiving means to them was asked of multiple community and political leaders by Hernando Today, which struck a discordant note.

Thanksgiving is all about family and fellowship, giving hope to those less fortunate than you and I; poverty; homelessness and critical issues of a pressing nature. It is certainly not giving thanks as did the aforementioned, by expressing their own political opinions! To the best of my knowledge no other responder was guilty of such inexcusable block pandering.

Though the following meaningful words of Jean-Paul Sartre are indeed more general than specific, they indeed are applicable to civic activists and duly elected public officials: "It's not right to want to heal the suffering of people without committing to fight the very causes of this suffering." In other simple words, stop playing politics 24/7!

Chuck Schlakman

Spring Hill

Their time has come

In Chinese astrology it is the year of the dragon. In the current venue for veterans, it is the year of some of the most important criteria for purposes of compensation conceivable.

Vietnam veterans with boots on the ground are the big winners. July 13, 2010, three new claims have been conceded for risk exposure to Agent Orange to include Parkinson's disease, B-cell lymphoma and Ischemic heart disease caused from coronary artery disease; the latter of which is based on a court ruling from Nehmer Report noting Vietnam veterans as a target group were active for Ischemic heart disease over the general population.

The rule allows a retroactive payment for Ischemic heart disease back to a time when the veteran had applied for any condition associated with Agent Orange. An examination, verified by a cardiologist in a stress test that measures metabolic function based on choleric output, determines the rating for compensation. Seven to 10 MET level awards 10 percent, five to seven awards 30 percent, three to five 60 percent and zero to three 100 percent or $2,860 a month with a basket full of benefits that go with it if a veteran is married.

Consider too that some 14 carcinogenic conditions are conceded as presumptive to risk exposure to Agent Orange even if a person lands in Saigon for a period of time allowed to refueling and checking out the aircraft. Defoliating jungles with chemicals similar to the old DDT sprayed on corn and crops in the 1950s to prevent weeds growing between crop rows were sprayed all over Vietnam, along the DMZ in Korea in the mid-1960s affecting some 16 military units and even in Panama for a short period of time.

Let's talk money. If specific cancers occur related to Agent Orange, a veteran is granted temporary 100 percent at some $2,680 a month if single for 13 months, $2,860 if married or for as long as the cancer is being treated. For several veterans I have assisted, I have seen retroactive lump-sum payments of $135,000 to $248,612 for Ischemic heart disease with assurances of $2,860 a month for the duration; these at the 100 MET levels.

Again, this is based on how far back the veteran first applied for any issue related with Agent Orange. I have been assisting with paperwork for veterans since 1992, some 20 years. Many of these veterans became eligible for these considerations but simply did not know and this information needs to be shared.

For many Vietnam veterans, their time has come.

Deron Mikal


The big lie

President Barack Obama was quoted as saying that Bill Ayers was just a neighbor and he knew of him through their children in a local school and never associated with Ayers and never exchanged ideas with Ayers.

Who is Bill Ayers? Why would Obama not want to be associated with Ayers? Ayers was one of the founders and leaders of the Weatherman Underground, which was a communist terror group. The Weatherman was responsible for 30 terrorist bombing of government buildings in New York and Washington, D.C., as well as bank robberies where in one instance they killed a bank guard.

The communist Weatherman aspired to overthrow the U.S. system of government and replace it with a communist Marxist-style of government. Obama and Ayers were closely associated in a number of organizations. From 1993 to 2002, Obama served with Ayers on the board of directors of the Woods Foundation.

While Ayers was in charge of an organization called ABC, he hired Obama as a consultant over policy. ABC was a radical communist organization whose purpose was to promote riots for leftist radical causes.

In 1995 Ayers was in charge of an organization called CAC and he made Obama a director of CAC. This organization was used to divert funds from various groups to radical communist causes. CAC diverted funds to Acorn when Obama was attorney for Acorn at the time. Obama and Ayers worked together in CAC. Obama's claim that he only knew of Ayers because both of their children attended a local school is not true. Obama's child was in the local elementary school while Ayers' children were in their 20s.

As of today, Ayers is still a staunch communist and is still working for the overthrow of our system of government and replace it with a communist-style government. Obama, with the help of the liberal news media, has helped keep this association with Ayers a secret as well as his association with communist organizations.

And now you know of Obama's big lie. Now you are also informed of Obama's close association with a communist terrorist.

Norman Pallot


Personal responsibility

Well, I guess we all know what happened to the youths who were educated by the touchy feely psycho-babble educators who professed that "everybody wins" when competing at anything.

You know: Let's not hurt their self-image by letting kids lose. What has happened is they where all the "occupier" trash we saw nightly on the news. This human detritus that infested so many cities are the "gimme" generation because they were taught nobody loses if you just show up.

Unfortunately, life is not like that.

You have to, God forbid, work to get what you want or need. We, the taxpayers, will not pick up your tab. If you have a student loan, you must pay it. If you want a college education and can not afford a premier school, there are always community colleges that will give you the same education if you study. The only downside is no keggers or pretentious frats or sororities to distract you from studying and, perish the thought, you may even need to get a part-time job but the benefit is no debt and you start your life with a clean credit slate.

So stop whining and sniveling. We are not going to excuse your debt or send you to Harvard or Stanford or wherever. You figure it out, because in life there are the lucky and unlucky, the winners and losers, and it is up to you to decide which you want to be.

Mike Stansbury



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