Sunday, Apr 20, 2014

Commissioners need to stick to list in search for administrator

Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 02:54 PM

Even before the potential candidates for county administrator are interviewed by county commissioners, there have been some disturbing statements.

Commissioners voted to spend taxpayer money ($20,000) to have a search firm advertise for candidates and then vet those who submitted resumes to come up with a short list to be presented to the board.

It makes no sense for commissioners to insist on placing someone on the short list who did not qualify according to the search firm. Why are commissioners talking about taking a relatively new employee who has not even proven himself in his present position and elevating him to a position he has never held?

Once again, it may be the reason we've had a plethora of administrators due to the actions of the board. This is not to reflect poorly on the present county employee who did not make the cut but is being pushed by a couple of commissioners.

Would they in their own business hire an employee who did not have the required prerequisites for a job?  Hernando cannot afford a "learn as you earn" administrator, because that could become another disaster.

There is a great deal of complexity in the administrator's position, and the list is rather long, beginning with the Florida Constitution, statutes, rules of agencies, growth management, dealing with unions and personnel policies in general.

It also includes working with a staff that has been demoralized and reduced to the point of questioning whether or not the county can be run effectively. Looking for a cut-rate administrator is also foolhardy. Remember the adage of being penny-wise and dollar-foolish. There are three people who have been presented who have the experience the county is looking for. There were five, but now two have felt obliged to withdraw.

We spent the money and we have a guarantee from the search firm, so let's not waste taxpayers money, as is so often the case.


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