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Letters to the editor, April 20

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 03:17 PM

Simply stunning

In a stunning move on March 16 Barack Obama signed an executive order stating that the President and his specifically-designated secretaries now have the authority to commandeer all U.S. resources including food and water.

The executive order also states that the President and his secretaries have the authority to seize all transportation, energy and infrastructure inside the U.S. as well as forcibly induct/draft American citizens into the military. The executive order also contains a vague reference in regards to harnessing American citizens to fulfill "labor requirements" for the purpose of national defense.

Not only that, but the authority claimed inside the executive order does not only apply to national emergencies and times of war it also applies in peace time. I think that the political stage is set that Obama thinks he will be elected. If true, then we will be living under a red America.

This will be the most important election to save our nation from communist take over. The younger generations better stand up and let congress know who they are supposed to represent. God have mercy on this nation.

Vernon Carles

Spring Hill

Best kept secret

The contents of Obama-Care are the best kept secret.

Obama-Care is supported by people who want to receive as many free-bees from the government as is possible and become more dependent upon the government for their sustenance.

Unfortunately, they do not realize they are bankrupting this country which would destroy our standard of living.

Now for some information on Obama-Care. Obama-Care will cost the taxpayers approximately $2.5 trillion.

The terms of this bill will encourage the over use of medical services and result in higher medical costs. The lack of any tort protection will encourage low suits all at further costs.

The receivers of medical services under the terms of Obama-Care will not care as to the amount of medical services or the costs thereof as someone else is paying the bill.

The bureaucrats will make all decisions as to whether you are entitled to a medical procedure or, if so, what procedure and when and what, if any, medications. The government feels that you do not have the competence to decide what you need.

Obama claims that Obama-Care will not run at a loss and the financial benefits from Obama-Care will help reduce the federal deficit. Just another lie. The next big lie by Obama is that Obama-Care will reduce the cost of health care.

The adding of 30 million people to a health care program will add enormous costs to providing health care.

The majority of these people will be Mexicans, young people and welfare people who cannot afford to pay for Obama-Care coverage.

Obama-Care will require massive expansion of medical clinics, hospitals, doctors and nurses and medical support personnel and will require more and more taxes to provide the same.

The congressional budget office advised congress that the costs of Obama-Care would continue to increase each year.

The Federal Department of Health quietly advised Obama many of the large employers will eventually drop their employees' health insurance and dump them into Obama-Care thus relieving them of the expense of providing health insurance.

When McDonald's decided to cancel their health care insurance of its employees and dump them in Obama-Care the Secretary of Health gave McDonald's a complete waiver from Obama-Care.

Sen. Pelosi has already given dozens of waivers from Obama-Care to her business friends.

An independent actuary advised the State of Indians that by entirely dropping out of Obama-Care and paying the fine for doing so the state can save 300 million each year.

All aspects of private health insurance companies will be under the control of federal bureaucrats who will dictate what products insurance companies can sell, what their content will be, where they can be sold and how much they can charge and what insurance the individual can buy. This control will put a great number of small health care companies out of business.

One of the many changes that have occurred in Obama-Care is that premiums for young people will be increased by 17 percent as the amount of the increase will be used to provide extra funds for the elderly.

Because the terms of Obama-Care are so long (2,400 pages) and complicated more unknown problems will arise.

All individuals must buy the health care insurance that Obama-Care requires or they will be fined.

Senior citizens under Medicare will be squeezed for the government is reducing the funding for Medicare by 500 million in order to help fund Obama-Care.

Obama-Care is putting the federal government into a new business of health care.

The federal government has a bad track record of running business all of which has been suffering major losses, such as the Post Office, Amtrak, Fannie Mae, Social Security, Medicare, etc.

The federal government, by taking over health care insurance, will further increase the dependence of the public on the government for all their needs and no independence of one's self.

We really do not need this expensive and complicated takeover of health care by the federal government.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

Got Beads has passion

As one of the almost 50 participants in the "1,000 Bracelets for All Children's Hospital," Tampa Bay day at Got Beads on Deltona Boulevard in Spring Hill on Saturday, I was real happy to see Hernando Today's photo of the 4-year-old little girl making a bracelet too for the children.

She now has a special childhood memory of just how good it feels to spend time doing something you enjoy very much and then donating her work to help children who need to heal and know they are special.

I am prompted to thank the owner Carole Macedo for offering her store, beading supplies, refreshments and teaching talent to make it all possible. I encourage your readers who have a need to bead or want to learn to make beautiful jewelry to visit Got Beads.

Carole has helped me and others to do something creative that benefits both human and animal charities we are passionate about. Her compassion benefits my passion.

Barbara Snow


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