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Friday, Mar 27, 2015

The conquest of America by deceit and deception

VINNY MARTINEZ, guest columnist Staff
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 05:31 PM

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Here is a hypothetical scenario to consider: Vice President Joe Biden will resign due to health reasons and Hillary Rodham Clinton will be Obama's running mate for Vice President of the United States.

Obama and Hillary, the transformational team, if elected, will continue to promote the United Nation's agenda for a new world order. Under their leadership, the U.S. Constitution will become irrelevant and individual freedoms will continue to diminish as the government takes more control over the people.

The new world order will come about when the nations of the world will give up their sovereignty rights to a central world government. Everyone will be ruled by a leader or leaders similar to a kingdom. The central government will be ruled by global elites who will choose a Marxist communist leader. The United Nations (U.N.) will be the central government.

Transforming America into a Marxist/communist state is what the global elites want in order to achieve global governance. The integration of the socialist/communist European Union with the United States will form the new world order controlled by the U.N. For this to happen, America must give up the U.S. Constitution and will no longer be a free sovereign nation.

A new world monetary system will probably be adopted by the United Nations empowering them through a global tax, adding an Economic Security Council and changing the International Monetary Fund (IMF) so that it functions as a World Central Bank. A World Military Force will also be organized by the integration of all the member nation's military forces under one command to keep member nations in check. The America as we know it will become just a memory in less then a decade away.

While all this sounds speculative and conspiratorial, just follow the policies and mandates of the U.N. and what Obama is doing to America. What is happening here in America and in Europe is designed to integrate the nations using the world crisis. The world is experiencing a manufactured financial and economic crisis that provides a "great opportunity" to usher in a world government.

That has been the inspirations of the global elites for years and their time has come now in the 21st Century with Obama being the chosen "transformational leader." President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 (before he ever earned it) as his acceptance by the world elites to help usher in the new world order. Barack Obama is like the "Manchurian Candidate" trained as a Marxist/communist to transform America.

President George W.H. Bush's speech to Congress on March 6, 1991: "Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order."

On July 18, 1993 – Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) member and Trilateralist Henry Kissinger writes in the Los Angeles Times concerning the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): "What Congress will have before it is not a conventional trade agreement but the architecture of a new international system... a first step toward a new world order." Henry Kissinger, a Republican, served as Secretary of State for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

"There is a need for a new world order," Kissinger told PBS interviewer Charlie Rose in 2008, "I think that at the end of this administration, with all its turmoil, and at the beginning of the next, we might actually witness the creation of a new order – because people looking in the abyss, even in the Islamic world, have to conclude that at some point, ordered expectations must return under a different system."

"Conflicts across the globe and an international respect for Barack Obama have created the perfect setting for establishment of "a New World Order," according to Henry Kissinger.

May 21, 1992, at a Bilderberg meeting held in Evian, France Kissinger said: "The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the world government."

CNBC's Haines concluded the Kissinger interview by asking, "Are you confident about the people President-elect Obama has chosen to surround him?" Kissinger replied, "He has appointed an extraordinarily able group of people in both the international and financial fields."

Dr. Henry Kissinger, a very intelligent person with a PhD Degree from Harvard University, who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973, and served as Secretary of State for two presidents, is saying that President Obama, with no international experience, is the right person to transform America into the new world order. Kissinger believes the new world order may happen by the beginning of the next administration (2013). This is most revealing from Kissinger who is intimately involved with the CFR and the government.

Colin Powell, a Republican and former Army General and Secretary of State for President Bush said: "I think he (Obama) is a transformational figure. He is a new generation coming in to the world, onto the world stage, on the American stage, and for that reason, I will be voting for Senator Barack Obama."

America is being transformed to become in compliance with the U.N. agenda, and that is what Obama and Hillary intend on doing. The U.N. wants global regulatory authority and enforcement to ensure compliance. Obama himself said he will have more "flexibility" during his second term. The global elites will make sure Obama gets re-elected no matter what the popular vote will be or what method they use. The transformation of America seems inevitable unless "we the people" do something about it.

Conquest by deceit and deception from within is what is happening to America. Somewhere between those two words is the word "traitor". Americans are living in a cloud of "lies," where truth is mixed with the lies so that the "end justifies the means"; whether they are legal or illegal, fair or foul, kind or cruel, truth or lies, democratic or dictatorial, good or evil.

The time has come for patriotic Americans who love this country, the "keepers" of the Constitution, to do something to keep America free. That something is to keep Barack Obama from being re-elected as president, and that may not be enough to restore America as a Constitutional Republic. Obama is not alone in his quest to conquer America. This is the generation that must draw a line in the sand – its up to "we the people" to save America.

Vinny Martinez is a Brooksville resident.

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