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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Letter to the editor, Aug. 31

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 05:43 PM

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Lack of leadership

Of all the disingenuous, reprehensible, actions taken by flawed and failed President Barack Obama, none is more intolerable than his obvious disregard for 21,000 innocent Syrians slaughtered by degenerate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, his fighter jets, tanks, artillery during the past 18 months!

Certainly, not to overlook his latest criminal act of bestiality; i.e. his "door-to-door" mutilation of his own people!

President Obama's unforgivable absence of leadership heartlessly ignores America's commitment to never again ignore World War II bloodletting atrocities which massacred millions.

He and his "shadow" Ppesident, Iran born Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett, the Oval Office "true power" in the minds of insiders, energize key Muslim contacts past, present and aggressively promotes socialism; thereby defining Obama's "bottom up top down" 2008 mistake which America must reject here in 2012.

Socialism will never surface in the United States of America! Accordingly, permit me to respectfully suggest that you see the astonishing movie "2016 Obama's America" and read a dramatic, eye-popping "you be the judge" of "The Amateur-Barack Obama in The White House" by Edward Klein. 

Once you do so you will run not walk to your precinct to elect Romney-Ryan! I firmly believe the identical warped judgment as our current president has conveyed during his four years of ghastly governance spells potential catastrophe for our families and all of America.

Too many unanswered Obama questions remain; among them frozen college records, his passport; frozen First Lady's college thesis. My boomer wife and this 81 next month former unbridled, lifetime Democrat in 2010 NPA Florida, therefore implores you to "Believe in America" and vote for the unmatched Gov. Mitt Romney and U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan as our legitimate President and Commander-in-Chief and Vice President on Nov. 6! God bless America.

Charles Schlakman

Spring Hill

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