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Sunday, Mar 29, 2015

Making a 'fiscal cliff' list Staff
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 07:42 PM

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Is it time to go to one of the premier outfitter stores and order our financial cliff survival gear?

The answer to that question is it is probably a good time to at least prepare our list of required equipment. Depending on where one stands philosophically, it could be a varied list of sundries.

For the liberals it means to stock up on pages of class warfare rhetoric. Add to that some recordings that play "Save the middle class" and play them over and over again for the ill-informed public.

Then pull out the ever-worn-out phrases of "Don't touch Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid" and "Pledge to keep up the unsustainable spending." Forgetting of course that Congress has already raided the Social Security "Trust Fund" and there will have to be massive borrowing to pay that debt.

Back to class warfare tactics and turning up the volume on taxing the rich, which includes those making more than $200,000 and a couple making more than $250,000, which in New York could include a policeman, sergeant and above, and his school teacher wife.

Isn't it interesting that when the liberals cite polls that support taxing the so-called rich, many, if not a majority, of those polled pay no income taxes at all?  I might call that taxation without participation.

Then we must remember the banners that proclaim "Fairness for all," as the government becomes the decider of who succeeds and who doesn't.

Now the conservatives will have to stock up on ear plugs to drown out the monotonous drone of talking heads who delude themselves into thinking that $80 billion a year from the "rich" will solve our deficit and debt problem. As noted by the financial wizards, the proceeds from the "rich" tax could run the government for about eight days.

Then it will have to be explained to the ill-informed that in order to get any traction on the deficit and debt, the middle class is going to have to chip in and do their patriotic duty.

Then they will need snow shoes and parkas as they trek to the poles to announce to the "people" that there is no way to sustain the entitlements, as mentioned above, without some action that might offend the left.

By making these pronouncements at the poles it will guarantee no one will hear them and be upset at the thought of losing them.

Lastly, they might have to hire a brilliant attorney, well versed in constitutional law, when the conservatives sue the president for usurping the powers of Congress as it relates to the increase in debt limits.

Remember the president sent Secretary Timothy Geithner to tell the Speaker he (President Barack Obama) wants unlimited, unilateral power to raise the debt ceiling as he sees fit. Maybe George III was not such an unreasonable guy after all!

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