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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Letters to the editor, Dec. 26

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 07:59 PM

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Wake up

How does a nation that can put men on the moon find itself in a position where they cannot protect their most valuable asset, their children?

Is there a clue? Is life so tormenting to some that they seek revenge against life itself? Is there a clue?

How does law enforcement protect society from those bent on suicide? Questions and more questions, no answers. Only cries of despair and the pathetic ramblings of elected officials who feel they must say something. We have heard it all before. The over simplicity of removing all guns from society to those who believe God is the answer but not the cause.

Is the clue so obvious and frightening that we dare not examine it? Is it an accident that the worlds wealthiest country is host to the worlds largest prison population and over 450,000 churches?

Might this latest carnage be a wake up call for all thinking persons to come to the aid of their country?

Meanwhile, may the victims rest in peace.

John Henry Hill

Spring Hill

In God we trust

As we come together to mourn the tragic, indescribable horror that took place in Newtown, Conn., in the massacre of 20 precious, innocent children and six of their teachers and administrators, we have to wonder and question why these tragic events occur and how they can be prevented.

The answer to both of these questions is obvious to most spiritually minded people, and that is to immediately take initiatives that will return God to the classroom from which He and prayer were summarily removed by Supreme Court decisions in 1962 and 1963 when they were determined to be unconstitutional.

It is interesting to note that God and prayer were integral parts of public school curricula for approximately 175 years before the Supreme Court decisions, and, from all indications, worked well.

Whenever God is removed from an individual, an institution or a nation, a spiritual vacuum is created which is immediately filled by evil.

As proof of this one only has to review what has taken place in our country since 1962. We are now embracing attitudes and activities contrary to God's laws and commandments which were previously overwhelmingly rejected by our society.

The current trends in our country today do not represent growth or enlightenment, but national decline. Tragedies and disasters will continue to plague us until we get right with God.

Glenn Musselwhite


Illegal, really

This war on synthetic pot is not about the health of anyone but in finding ones footing in this new world order. It is a test to see how far our public officials can go illegally with the masses.

If you read the label of said products it states quite plainly that it is not for human consumption, and to keep it out of the reach of children. You can't get more explicit than that.

I've never seen the display in the candy aisle. It was always behind the counter. If a store has it where the customer can grab it and take it up to the counter. I believe that store is just trying to start trouble.

If we let our government ban this stuff with labeling and all, who is to say what they will ban next?

Gee they may as well make fingernail polish remover illegal. Drink that stuff and you could be hooked for life. What about certain glue? People used to sniff that, but you can't very well ban the stuff or tweak ingredients, now can you?

You know, I used to buy Spice. Not for human consumption, but to light up correctly to freshen up a stale room. It worked every time.

They want to argue that synthetic pot or whatever it is, is dangerous? Well, there is nothing more dangerous than legislating something that has been labeled correctly.

Jane Kukla

Spring Hill


Your three columns in Saturday's edition of the Hernando Today are three of the best you have ever published. Domenick Maglio hit the nail on the head. The only thing missing was the fact that half the people under 50 have no idea what he was talking about.

And of course Col. Myers was all about common sense as usual. All the liberals ranting and raving about gun control have no idea what to do and only seek publicity. Mr. Patton wrote an excellent column about the real meaning of Christmas. God created us, gave us a free will and the rest is up to us.

We can dust off the bibles and use them, make worship a priority on Saturday or Sunday or listen to all the politicians who think they can do a better job than God. Repentance and revival will lead the way to our country returning to the Christian values it was founded on.

Remember, God was kicked out of the schools a few decades ago, along with it the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong became blurred. A copy of the 10 Commandments plus a copy of the First Amendment should be posted in every classroom and the teachers and students should know that this amendment was written to protect citizens from their government.

A few copies of the Gideon's bible in the school libraries would hurt either.

Gerry Olesen

Spring Hill

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