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Letters to the editor, Feb. 1

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 01:40 PM

Let's be honest

Isn't it about time that that Brooksville City Council give up any pretense that the red light cameras are for safety?

It is now obvious to everyone, or should be, that the whole thing is about revenue.

Phillip Sanchez


The Democratic machine

Just prior to the South Carolina Primary Bill O' Reilly of Fox News interviewed the South Carolina Democratic party leader. This DNC leader made a fool of himself during the entire interview. He made one inane and foolish statement after another during the whole interview.

He started by saying the Republican debate should not have taken place on Martin L. King Memorial Day. He, I would guess did not know that the Democrats did it in 2008. He must have known that at the time Martin L. King was reportedly a Republican. We must remember that ignorance of the facts is one of the Democrat's strong points.

For example; they never mention the fact that before the Civil War and for the 100 plus years after, the Democratic Party machine controlled the south and the big cites of the north.

They, The Democratic machine controlled, "(what bathrooms, schools, diners, water fountains, and seats on buses to name a few)" the African American people could use. The Democratic machine controlled if, when, where and for whom the African Americans would vote throughout the South. African Americans were allowed to vote in areas of the North and Midwest, Controlled at the time by the Republican Party.

I assume that everyone in the African American community remembers Lester Madox and George Wallace. They were two of the really evil people in the South. Lots of protests over diners, water fountains and such in Georgia under Lester Madox. I know of only one person who had the Alabama National Guard sent into his area to help children get entrance to their schools. Does George Wallace ring a bell?

Both of these people were important members of the Democratic Party for years. Wallace actually ran for president four times. Three times as a "Democrat" 1964, 1972 and 1976. Notice two of those took place after the Civil Rights legislation passed. Once as an American Independent Party candidate in 1968. He had to change his party affiliation to Independent so that the larger Democratic machine would not suffer the backlash from his actions. Really stand up for those that kept them in power over the years don't they! Must feel really good that people like this have your back!

My really troublesome problem is this. What did they offer in the civil rights reform laws enacted, by the way only due to large Republican votes, in the House and Senate?

Remember, the Democrats in the Senate filebustered legislation like this in the 1950's. Why would they put aside 100 plus years of actions and deeds and vote Democratic? Little known fact is 82 percent of the House Republicans and 80 of the Senate Republicans voted for Civil rights Legislation. Only 61 percent of the Democratic House and 69 percent of the Democratic Senate voted for Civil rights legislation.

Why doesn't the African American voter give them what they want. They want segregation, give it to them by voting Republican. I'm just saying, sure makes sense to me.

Gerald Lesmeisteer

Weeki Wachee

No so fab five

Well it finally happened. First it was Laurel and Hardy, then it was the Three Stooges, then Abbott and Costello, the Ritz Brothers, Martin and Lewis, Emmett Kelly and Bozo the Clown.

Now it's the brilliant five Republican presidential candidates, what a joke!

They stand on the stage and demean each other claiming how incompetent, deceitful and dishonest they are.

Please don't tell me how bad each of you are. Tell me what good you will do for me and my country.

Then when it's all over they will praise the winner and ask me to vote for him.

I am a registered conservative Republican. Sadly I will have to vote for one of you, not because I want you for my president, but because we must defeat Obama. What a shame.

Jerry Gioia

Spring Hill


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