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Wednesday, Apr 01, 2015

Letters to the editor, Feb. 25 Hernando Today
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 02:09 PM

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Get informed today

All I've heard for weeks now is that the GOP doesn't want Mitt Romney to represent them. And hey! We all know what straight shooters all politicians are. And if I said they speak with forked tongues that wouldn't come close to describing them.

Before this current edition of what should be described as a well choreographed, Hollywood production began I told my wife that Romney would be the chosen one. Why, because he is the most acceptable to the corporate sector.

Who we all should know is represented by the GOP. His ability and many times eagerness to flip flop on issues and tells them that they won't have any trouble directing his political decisions.

He's liberal enough to be acceptable to a certain segment of American voters. Yet, for the average voter who knows more about the Housewives of Nantucket sound than they do about the candidates or those who arrived at their decision based on a single conversation with a stranger they met on the bus. 

Mitt can still come across as a true conservative. One more thing is he looks presidential, and that accounts for more than some may think.

Now, will President Obama win a second term? Do not be surprised, if he does.

Oh, and getting off the subject for a moment, if you're an individual who enjoys hunting I suggest that you hide your hunting rifle, and, or sidearm because one of his first actions during his second term is to regulate the Second Amendment out of existence.

And all he has to do to accomplish this is to appoint one more liberal, socialist Supreme Court Justice. And after he does that, it's all over not only for our right to bear arms, but for America too.

Don't feel too bad that's something that's eventually going to happen no matter which party happens to be in power.

It wouldn't be over, if those who sat on the Supreme Court arrived at their decisions based on, and within the confines of the writings of the Constitution.

But unfortunately, the Supreme Court has been moving closer and closer to being nothing less than an extension of the political party that's in power. And although each takes an oath that requires them to uphold and defend our Constitution like our Presidents, past and present. 

Very few of them ever intended to do so. The Constitution has been nothing more than an inconvenience one that a sitting president uses when it suites his political agenda, and tries to step around, when pushing legislation that is totally unconstitutional. 

Our current president took a short cut by tossing out the Constitution all together by using his Presidential Powers in a way that resembles the President of Venezuela. So much so, that his actions constitute an extreme abuse of power but this isn't the America of 40 years ago.

We now live in the age of the non-logic, or illogic, the "ME" society, a society that determines the level of respect due an individual not on old outdated things like honesty, and integrity.

Today, how one projects his or her public image. How well he or she is at spinning untruths. That's just a nice way of saying lies.

Oh, and let's not forget one's bank balance. All these, combined with the indifference of, and if it won't affect "ME" American voters determines the level of respect one receives from our modern day society.

Those and a few more are reasons why President Obama could very well win a second term, a term that will more than likely result in the end of America, and our now rapidly disappearing way of life. 

One might wonder why our President continues to push us in the same direction as a failed Greece, and Italy, just to name two. He realizes that it will mean the fundamental change he promised, a change that will bring about the total collapse of our nation and our way of life.

But out of the ashes of destruction, like the mythological Phoenix, America will be re-born joining the other third world, socialist, Communist nations that make up the Global economy. Tell me, the corporate sector has done everything else possible to achieve max profits. How else can Corporate America continue its march toward maximum profit and at the same time successfully compete in today's world economy?

How else, without significantly lowering our standard of living, which in effect will also completely change our way of life. In the end, both the Republican and the Democratic parties will achieve their goals. The Democrats will finally control every aspect of our lives. Even to a great degree, our time of death.

Another plus for the Republicans is they will finally be able to end their now greatly reduced struggle, a struggle that has for decades been trying to maintain and if possible increase the financial separation between the middle class and the upper. How? Under socialism, there is no middleclass, only the extremely wealthy and the poor.   

David Robinson

Weeki Wachee

The prophylactic chess game

The President and his staff are sitting around talking about ways to get back some of the women's vote. The women who support the President are down by about 24 percent. The President, being a lawyer, puts forth the following ploy to get back some of the lost 24 percent.

We tell them that we are going to order the religious organizations to give prophylactic's and other abortive medical care to their employees. We know that the Constitution will not stand for this, however, so we will just back off when the fur starts to fly and say that the religious groups don't have to do this.

We will simply say that we will order the insurance companies to pay for it. This is a win win for us. We will get back the women's vote and we will still stick it to the religious groups. One of his aides asks how will that ploy work? Simple replies the President.

We use our power to get around the Congress and the courts. We will use the HHS (Health and Human Services) Department to implement new rules on insurance companies that mandates them to provide the services.

That way the women get the prophylactic and abortive care and the religious groups pay for it through higher premiums. Like I said a win win for us. But sir, another aide responds.

Won't the women who will have to pick up part of the cost see that this is a nice bait and switch ploy? Nah say's the President, they are too stupid. But, won't the religious groups still complain about paying for it anyway?

Sure, but they will have no legal method of changing it. We are not ordering them to pay for it, therefore, they lose. We also get bonus points because the people will hate the insurance companies even more. This will be a help when the Healthcare Plan kicks in to get rid of private healthcare. More hate for the companies equals more help for us. See, win win for us no matter what.

The aides reply, sir, you are a genius. No, replies the President, I just know that greed is the leveling force. Just like the tax increase idea on the top 1 percent of income tax payers. The 49 percent who don't pay any income taxes will want the top 1 percent to pay more. People will always want someone else to pay for their goodies. We will just use that against them. Bravo, bravo Mr. President, shout all of his aides.

They then go forth to the Main Stream Media to put their ploy into action. You know what! I think it may have worked. There are an awful lot of greedy people out here.

Gerald Lesmeister

Weeki Wachee

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