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Wednesday, Mar 25, 2015

Letters to the editor, Jan. 7 Hernando Today
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 01:09 PM

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Sinkhole safety

I would like to inform the taxpayers that have children who go to school and have to walk by the vacant lot owned by Mr. Hardy Huntley – the one who owns Wagon Wheel Flea Market on Landover Boulevard near the Springstead High Theater. I suggest that you write and complain to the county commissioner and the school board how dangerous it is for your children to walk by that area of Landover Boulevard.

I complained to the county about two years ago and their answer was that it's a vacant lot and in so many words said they did not have to fill it in. However, about a year ago there was a fence erected around the property. A few weeks back the fence was taken down, why would you put up a fence and a year later take it down. 

I am sure Mr. Huntley who owns the land would put the safety of his grandchildren first if it were them walking by the vacant lot with a sinkhole close to the sidewalk that children use to go to school.  

I have informed the county of the danger of this sinkhole that is about 20 feet or so from the sidewalk.

Children are walking by that sinkhole everyday school day.  Wouldn't you think that the county commissions and the school board would care for the safety of the children that have to walk by that sinkhole?

The county wanted to save money by having children walk to school within a two-mile radius and there was a lot of talk about safety, well, don't you think that this is a safety factor, a sinkhole within several feet of a sidewalk that school children have to walk by, I think it is, don't you?  So write or call your commissioners and school board to have Mr. Huntley fill in his sinkhole that is a danger to your children.

Gary Mercer

Spring Hill

No accountability by Obama

In the 3 years that Obama has been in office he has done nothing real to stop the economic bleeding.

Obama talks in a convincing manner and promises everything but delivers nothing to mediate our economic problems.

Here we are bankrupt and sinking in $12 trillion debt and Obama and his Democratic Congress poses "Obama Care" which will add another $1.5 trillion of debt. What in the world was he trying to do? Destroy the U.S. or was this just plain stupid? I think the former.

Obama, being desperate with nothing to show for his 3 years in power, has created a derisive and cruel method to obtain votes. That is to create class warfare between the rich and the poor and by getting the public to "hate" the rich.

Creating "hate" is Obama's key to getting more votes and being reelected. Wake up America to this trick.

This was the same method that Hitler used in Germany to get the public to "hate" the Jews to gain power. This is a low cheap shot by Obama.

Now Obama wants the rich to pay even higher taxes to pay for excessive debts that Congress ran up. He has got it backward. The way to reduce the excessive debt is to stop the spending; cutting it to the bone, just like the American public is required to do.

The answer to unfair taxes is to thoroughly raise the IRS tax code which for some reason Obama has ignored. He prefers to create dissention rather than bring us together once again showing his lack of ability to improve the economy.

Following is a partial list of foolish and politics as usual spending which helped put us in bankruptcy during the current administration:

$500 million to bankrupt Solyndra given by Obama in return for a very large donation to his campaign.

Millions of dollars given to Brazil for oil exploration, which the Brazilians were going to pay for.

Millions of dollars given to a now profitable General Motors for production of a Chevy Volt.

Millions of dollars given to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who both committed fraud and failed to use due diligence upon the mortgages they purchased. They should have gone bankrupt except for their strong connection in Congress.

Spending of a trillion dollars, called a stimulus, for only Democratic Party inclined public sector unions such as the teacher's unions, the fireman's unions and the police unions which payment was a payoff for their votes in the coming election.

There are many more instances of waste of the tax payer's money, but not enough time to go into it.

Obama has made numerous bad choices and I have listed a few here.

Refusing to approve an oil pipeline from Canada to the U.S. thus making us less dependent upon oil from the Middle East and easing the price of gasoline and creating thousands of jobs.

By reducing the amount of Social Security withheld from working people this will reduce the necessary contributions to the payment of Social Security to those who are retired and will force Social Security fund into bankruptcy much sooner.

Failure to have the Attorney General prosecute criminally and civilly for the fraud created by the various officers of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as well as all the crooked mortgage companies, banks and brokerage houses, most of whom receive bailouts instead of jail time.

Obama is tied in tight to most of the unions in return for their votes and he always bows to their wishes.

Boeing wants to build an additional factory in South Carolina but the unions oppose this plant so Obama had his union dominated board (NLRB) deny them the right to build a new plant that would employ over a 1,000 people.

Obama has employed the head of General Electric to create new jobs, a Mr. Jeff Emmelt.

Instead of creating new jobs in the U.S., Emmelt is going to build and operate a huge aircraft plant in China with the Chinese that will be competing with the American Boeing aircraft plant. In addition, GE is gradually and quietly moving its various plants in the U.S. overseas.

Obama later participated in the bailout of companies which should have failed because of fraud stupidity and recklessness.

Obama had his puppet Attorney General Eric Holder sue the State of Arizona when all Arizona was trying to do was to control the influx of illegal Mexicans coming into Arizona.

Obama has done nothing to reduce excessive government spending and has done nothing to really promote jobs in the private sector, except for cheap talk.

Obama has taken no responsibility for the current mess during his three years in office. When you have done nothing your best excuse is to blame your opponent for your failure.

Obama has risen out of Chicago, the home of crooked politicians, as a community organizer as a disciple of Saul Olinsky, a renowned communist.

No one really knows Obama, his real background, his real beliefs and his ideology because he has kept them locked in a closet and which has been covered up by the news media that are in bed with him.

Obama has a different type of government in mind that of a socialist welfare state where everyone is wholly dependent upon the state for their sustenance.

I hope this is not what you want to live with and be less than free to plan your own lives.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

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