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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Letters to the editor, July 1

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 04:38 PM

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Get real

President Obama's reelection campaign continues to run paid political ads depicting older Americans who have lost their jobs. According to the ads, this is Mitt Romney's fault because he owned the companies, I might add, along with the stock owners. 

It is easy to see how President Obama believes the fault lies with Romney, having never run any type of business in his life. How can someone who has absolutely no business experience understand the complexities of running a corporation?

My father worked for a company for over 30 years and when the company failed when he was 59 he lost his job. I worked for a major retailer for 20 years and when the retail industry was being restructured in the 1980s I lost my job at the age of 54. 

Companies have to make decisions for the good of the company. To think a company should not reduce staff and let the company completely fail with everyone losing their job is ludicrous. Sure, everyone feels sorry for those who have lost a job, especially later in life. But to condemn those who have to make the tough decisions is ignorant. 

Perhaps President Obama would do better to get the economy rolling so no one has to lose a job. And it might not be a bad idea for the President to get involved in a work program himself, so he has some experience when it comes to America's industry.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

Time to wake up

Wake up calls are needed in a lot of places. Evacuation routes, engineering of water run off, response routes, sea wall heights, etc. God help us. This was just a tropical storm and look at the damage and chaos.

It's very evident were not very prepared for a tropical storm yet a hurricane. Bridges and roads closed due to waves and sinkholes, areas impassable due to water across the roads.

Can you imagine thousands of people trying to go north to avoid a hurricane, how about a sinkhole across I-75 or 19 with miles of cars backed up, that scenario is a real possibility.

As bad as Debby was it might be a blessing in disguise hopefully those who try and plan for these things will get some incite on preventing some of the misfortunes that happened with this storm. Sadly the cost to repair the damage done especially to the recent projects like Wiscon Road retention ponds and along 50/98 side walks are going to be a tough learning curve for Hernando County.

The Howard Franklin Bridge using Jersey Barricades as a form of sea wall to keep water from splashing on the highway with a aesthetics of rail with slots along Bay Shore Boulevard in Tampa showed lack of thought.

Although all things can not be planned for Ala Murphy's Law , we learn from our mistakes, hopefully we don't ignore the hand writing on the wall.

James Woods


Learning a lesson

With Spain, Italy and Greece all facing worsening economic difficulties, the globalist post-World War II dream of a European super state could soon be coming to an end.

But don't fret, Iceland's Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdavdottis told Reuters recent troubled European countries could learn from their island neighbor to the north and bounce back.

By throwing bankers in jail, forgiving private debts and flexing its own economic sovereignty, Iceland saw its economy rebound after the country's banks collapsed just two years ago.

Congress could use these actions like Iceland and turn our economy around. It won't happen until the American taxpayers unite nationwide and protest the White House and Congress. God Bless America.

Vernon Carles

Spring Hill

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