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Letters to the editor, July 20

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 04:58 PM

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Irresponsible or responsible

The American Constitution and the Bill of Rights call for free speech and related freedoms. Although not intended by our forefathers, these freedoms have degenerated into some of our worst problems, caused by the irresponsible use of these freedoms.

Our TV, movies and even Internet games continually and persistently promote violence to the extent that violence has become acceptable. You see more and more violence. Again, the freedoms of our beloved movies and TV for years now continue to promote the lowering of our sex morals in our adults and mostly in our children.

Over 80 percent of our school children have participated in sexual acts starting from the age of 12 through 18. The result of this is that we have thousands of unwanted pregnancies in very young girls, caused by making sex appear as such a great pleasure to these young and inexperienced children.

Certain groups of people feel that they have the right and freedom to riot in order to make a point and to completely disrupt any city, which acts are completely irresponsible.

Certain dishonest mortgage brokers in the past and maybe in the present believe that they have the right and freedom to propose and sell mortgages which they know are defective, for profit, which they know will not be collectable in the future, which is again irresponsible.

The right and freedom to sell packaged narcotics for profit mainly at our local convenience stores has become acceptable, but is irresponsible. As a result of the above irresponsible acts under the excuse of freedom of speech and other related freedoms, our good way of life is being demoralized.

The course of the above irresponsible acts, as well as many others, is that they are not balanced with the factor of responsibility. For every act which is claimed under the right of freedom, you must first ask is it responsible and if not, then don't do it.

The only way to change these irresponsible acts is to give our judges and legislators the power to consider whether the rights claimed are responsible. We must rid ourselves of the backward thinking of liberal judges and legislators who do not believe in responsibility for our acts and who are not willing to invoke the factor of responsibility together with our right of freedom to speak and act.

Responsibility must be the new word that we should live with.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

If you've been reading the opinion page in the paper there have been columns by our neighbors and guest columnist about our Olympic team uniforms being made in China, and the outrage as to why they should be made in the U.S. by American manufacturers.

It sure seems someone was asleep at the switch but then someone has been asleep at the switch for many years. We the American consumer want it both ways. We want to make $20 an hour in a union shop and still be able to make products that compete with products manufactured in China and India by people making $1.25.

We run off to Walmart and Target to buy all kinds of products made everywhere, but here, because there cheap and so are we.

Like it or not we made our bed years ago and now we have to sleep in it. The good old days when every drink water town had a mill or factory employing the residents of the community is gone the way of the dinosaur there now found in places named Beijing and New Delhi.

I guess its human nature to complain, but in this case the problem is staring back at us in the mirror and we don't like what we see.

James Woods 


Judgment day

Beyond the tiresome gay "marriage" propaganda in your recent editorial cartoon, an incomplete and therefore faulty representation of Jesus is what inspires this letter.

Jesus did condemn folks for having a judgmental spirit because often we are guilty of worse sins than those we draw attention to in others!

See the context in Matthew, chapter 7. Yet there is a double irony in this cartoon in that this same Jesus compels us, out of love, to warn others that he is returning to this world as judge one day!

Check out the last four chapters of Revelation. Jesus said to be ready for that day. The best way to be ready is to be forgiven and reconciled to him.

Mike Carlson

Weeki Wachee

A change in attitude

The article, "Reduced clerk hours affecting service" on July 15 could not have been clearer on how a private sector company and the government views customer service.

In outgoing Circuit Court Karen Nicolai's opinion the only option is to reduce customer service hours so that the bureaucrat employees who remain don't have to work any harder. Thank goodness she is leaving with that attitude.

In the private sector, where revenue from customers pays the payroll instead of the tax dollars, the last thing you would do is cut hours of service to your customers and reduces revenue.

But in Nicolai's world revenue is a constant; in the private sector it is a variable and will diminish if you reduce hours of service to your clients.

In the private sector, those employees remaining with jobs would work harder, be more productive and keep customer service levels high to remain in business and, by the way, keep their jobs.

In Nicolai's world you simply open fewer hours and serve the public less than before; interesting view of "public service."

Hopefully, the incoming clerk, Don Barbee, will rethink his comments about trimming hours and reducing service and ask his employees to increase productivity and provide the customer service that taxpayers deserve and expect.

If he is not up to the tough leadership job in tough times maybe he should also retire and let someone who is take over.

Customer service should not suffer but productivity should increase to survive.

Charles Jenkins

Weeki Wachee

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