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Thursday, Mar 26, 2015

Divider in Chief

LEN TRIA, Uncommon Sense Staff
Hernando Today
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 04:59 PM

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I must be having a nightmare because what I hear the president say in his campaign speeches is scary stuff.

When he went of the teleprompter in Roanoke and made the ridiculous claim about successful business people not having done it on their own I thought I was listening to a third world dictator speaking.

The problem is that is what he truly believes and that should be enough for thinking people to absolutely tune this guy out and turn him out of office. His real philosophy came through as he did not have Mr. Teleprompter turned on to help him deliver his speech.

How utterly ridiculous is his claim that it was because of others and government in particular that was really what made people successful. Tell that to the thousands of small business owners who struggled for years in spite of the obstacles that government placed in their way.

Dig up Henry Ford and tell him that government was responsible for his success, try that line on Edison, Bell, Marconi, Jobs and a host of others. This line of socialism from a man who never worked a day in his life in some productive business pursuit or created one job for another human being has the gall to lecture the successful business people of this country.

All he wants to do is put government's hand in the pockets of the successful and steal as much as he can to perpetuate his socialist agenda. He plays to the mob of people who are struggling to exist and tells them it is the successful ones who have been unfair to them and now they must be punished and made to pay for their success.

He has created the typical "scapegoat" just as somebody named Adolf did in the 1930's to divert attention away from his failures and focus their anger on something else. That is the only way Obama can divert attention from his dismal economic policy and increasing of the country's debt to a point that will soon be financial disaster.

It is laughable to listen to his supporters trying to defend his "success line" by saying he was talking about infrastructure as they get tongue-tied the longer they ramble. This may be anecdotal but I have firsthand experience about building a business from scratch and working 18 hours a day seven days a week to make it successful eventually providing over a hundred people with jobs they sorely needed. Mr. President nobody did it for me least of all government.

Let me repeat that nobody was responsible for my success but me and my partner. I take offense at his misguided words but I believe he is showing his true colors and they are not red, white and blue. If anyone was responsible for my success it was my devoted parents who gave me life and a sense of responsibility not some money sucking malevolent government.   

Len Tria, a regular columnist for Hernando Today, lives in Spring Hill and is a former Hernando County commissioner.

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