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Letters to the editor, March 10

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 02:28 PM

Socialism: A deadly disease

Over the years I have witnessed the growth of a deadly disease.

It's not something that will require hospitalization or chemotherapy. Even so, this deadly disease will eventually destroy millions of Americans and except for a small privileged few, the entire population.  

In some respects, this disease is more deadly than death itself. Why, how can anything be more deadly? I suppose that in order for us to completely understand we would have to go back in history to 1930's Germany, or maybe in today's world, spend a little time in North Korea or China.  

Then and only then, could we fully understand how the destruction of a peoples hopes and dreams could be so catastrophic. People become things, statistics. All human emotion is removed from just about every aspect of their lives. In some ways they become similar to machines or maybe the walking dead.

What is this disease that's so deadly? I'm referring to Socialism and the concerted efforts by past and present Washington administrations all aimed at fundamentally changing our nation.  "Ever hear that phrase before?"  Believe it or not, up until the other day maybe because of one last remaining, tiny bit of hope left in my mind.

I didn't realize, or want to realize just how wide spread this cancer is. God knows, I should have. That changed after I sent, vie Facebook, a message to the BBC World News agency. I know it was quite naive of me. I should have realized that Europe, including their fourth estate had already succumbed to Socialism.

And let's face it, the integrity once associated with journalists and Journalism is for the most part, things of the past. From a time when truth in reporting was as sacred to a reporter as the Holy Grail has always been to true Christians.

Today, most of America's media sources have been infiltrated and taken over by ideologues. For the most part, news is reported not based on facts and or truthful observation. Words and events are twisted as to fit neatly into the confines of the agenda that paper, or cable news television stations is supporting.  

As for my message to the BBC, the once only trusted source of news for England's population that was quickly erased. Now, finally, reality has completely set in. Our future, one of Socialism and so called social justice, is almost a reality, almost here.

This isn't only our problem, one restricted to America. Matter of fact, it began not in the East then spread its tentacles throughout Europe, now finally infecting America. It really began in the minds of men, men who live only to dominate or control all things around them.

Comparatively speaking, if we could put all these men together, past and present they would represent only a tiny speck in relationship to the total world's population of then and now. Yet the actions of those few have caused the deaths and agonies of untold billions of human beings.

Yes we are, we are living in a time of fundamental change, not positive change, but disastrous change. And today's young, those who support and do not support such change. They, more than any of us older Americans, will see and feel the destructive results of such change. A change that will not only kill a nation, but destroy a way of life.   

Knowing the nature of the majority of today's American people and the overwhelming corruption that now exists not only in Washington, but at all levels of government. I would have to bet on them.  For all those, especially the young whose minds are so easily molded, I can only remind you of this old useless, out of date saying, "Be careful of what you wish for, you might just get it."

David A. Robinson

Weeki Wachee

Legalizing marijuana

I tried it once and didn't like the effect and never tried it again. I may not be a qualified expert on the subject, but since Christian evangelist Pat Robertson has taken a public stand I feel compelled to follow suit. I believe there are a number of very good reasons why marijuana should be legalized.

First, marijuana is not addictive. Tobacco is. Tobacco is legal, marijuana is not. People do not burglarize, terrorize, or even kill for their next marijuana baggie. Marijuana does not cause lung cancer; tobacco does; tobacco is legal, marijuana is not.

No. 2. Use of marijuana does not inevitably lead to use of harder drugs such as cocaine or meth. Over the years I have known many who have used marijuana, some legal for medical reasons and others just for relaxation whether legal or not. None of them "graduated" to harder drugs and some have told me they have no desire whatsoever to do so.

No. 3. Legalizing marijuana would subject it to government regulation for price, purity, and so on. I'd be interested in seeing what the "Nutrition Facts" label required by the FDA would look like, but that's another story.

No. 4. The cost of marijuana is high and profitable for the producers simply because it is an illegal product, and of course people will pay more for something if they think it's risky or illicit.

No. 5. If marijuana were legalized, the government could assess taxes, thus generating a stream of income from only those who use it—like tobacco and alcohol, for instance.

No. 6. The cost of law enforcement would go way, way down. Law enforcement raids would be limited to violators of the regulations and taxation, not just people growing a few pots (pun intended) for their own use.

I seldom agree with evangelists, but in this case I believe Mr. Robertson is right.

G.B. Leatherwood

Spring Hill


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