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Letters to the editor, March 14

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 02:29 PM


We are confronted today with challenges on the order of magnitude extreme. Difficulties brought on by our own greed and our politicians lust for power.

President Obama and his liberal lackeys have devastated our economy and destroyed thousands of jobs. They have run up horrific debt that can never be repaid, impoverished families, ruined the future of countless young people, drowned what little business is left under a tsunami of regulations, locked up our energy resources endangering our standing in the world and threatening our standard of living and our national security.

We must rollback the destructive policies that have been put in place, Obama Care, which is causing hundreds of medical students to change their future plans to become doctors. Over-regulation, where now the administration wants to dictate the amount of "profit" a company can be allowed to make, the bill for this is floating around the senate as we speak.

Cronyism, where political hacks not only get plum jobs but seem to be totally immune from prosecution for any malfeasance or criminal behavior.

The complete and utter disregard for our Constitution and the laws promulgated by that document should bring tears to your eyes. For over 220 years our Constitution has served this country well. It has been a beacon for the rest of the world seeking the rule of law and democracy in place of tyranny and dictatorial madness. But now we have Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsberg making speeches before international communities stating that emerging countries on the world stage should look elsewhere for models to copy for their own constitutions and not that of America.

For a Supreme Court Justice to make such a claim reinforces the proposition that the seats on the Supreme Court should not be tendered for life. Obviously if one does not believe in our Constitution, one should not be entrusted with the interpretation of it. Ginsberg should be removed from the court immediately. Eric Holder should be removed from office immediately and Gov. Corzine should go straight to jail, immediately.

There is more, such as the United Nations "World Small Arms Treaty" which requires a nation, America, to give up its sovereignty and become subject to the UN in the matter of firearms which the Obama administration is wholeheartedly behind.

Listen to Secretary Clinton's speeches these past 6 months were she has declared the same. But I grow weary of having to list all the sins of this administration and for that matter the last dozen administrations. I don't know if this runaway train can be stopped or if the much mentioned train wreck is inevitable, but I do know we at least should go down fighting.

The re-election of the Obama administration will mean the complete and utter destruction of what's left of America. The liberal policies of the democrats must be stopped and a return to some semblance of sanity to American values, common sense and fiscal restraint. During this election year don't let the lies and distortions coming from the White House deceive you as did the "Hope and Change" campaign of the last election. Become informed and stand up for America and the values for which she stands.

Hillsdale College has a wonderful program called "The Constitution 101." It's a complete tour of the Constitution and the Declaration and the men who forged it. An extremely riveting lecture series you can access on their web site.

The entire series is archived so you will not miss anything. In this season of our discontent it is incumbent on all Americans to do their homework and make certain you understand the consequences of big government and the liberties you will loose and the tyranny that will follow should Obama and the liberal democrats prevail.

The age old question of whether man can govern himself or shall an elite group do it for him separates freedom from tyranny and the whims of power hungry men. Never in our history have we been this close to loosing our freedom to an elitist power base and that can not bode well for the country. Now may be you best time to pray for yourself, your family and your country.

Allan Walker

Weeki Wachee

Same old politics

How did you like U.S. Rep. Rich Nugent's latest missive "No Cuts to Medicare." I didn't. Not that I favor any changes, I don't, especially since I have to use Medicare as a military retiree over 65 and think it works well. I didn't like it because he again, for the umpteenth time, treats us constituents like his subjects. He again misinforms us hoping to keep us in a dark cellar, like a mushroom, hoping only that we will be stupid enough to give him two more years in Washington.

While he takes personal credit for the effort to keep Medicare from cuts, cuts he has advocated in the past to "balance the budget" instead of increasing revenue (last year's Town Halls), he fails to mention that keeping hands off Medicare is U.S. law. That law, the Budget Control Act of 2011, was forced on Americans by Nugent and his fellow Gang of 87 as a result of the Debt Ceiling crisis last summer and the failed Joint Select Committee on Deficit reduction (the so-called "Super Committee").

That failure kicked the can of achieving a pragmatic debt reduction down the timeline to November last fall. If there was no agreement by then, "sequestration" would occur to achieve a $1.2 trillion reduction in the national debt. That law exempted Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security recipients, as specifically requested by the President, from reductions vice funding Republican desired tax breaks for wealthy Americans. It didn't exempt retired military pay – so I, as a 30-year veteran, am caught in the mandated reductions to the defense budget. Thanks Nugent.

Why do we have to put up with a representative who has a proclivity for self-aggrandizement at the expense of us constituents? Why does he treat us mushrooms? Maybe he doesn't understand his responsibilities in Washington as our representative. Maybe he accurately reflects the single-digit approval rating of Congress.

Ted Laven

Dade City


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