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Thursday, Feb 26, 2015

Letters to the editor, March 21 Hernando Today
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 02:39 PM

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Education funding

What's the big hassle over cuts in education?

I just don't understand it. At the present time a person isn't required to have a college degree in order to make beds and clean toilets at one of the seemingly unlimited number of motels and hotels throughout Florida and this nation. 

And let's face it, that's where the job market is, and will continue to be. America, once an industrial giant and hi-tech nation has been reduced to the level of a service nation and a tourist stop.

Decades ago someone decided that we have too much. That even the poor live too well. Who are these individuals who posses such power?  Who are the people who really run the show here in America? 

I'm not sure if it's the corporate sector or the leaders of the socialist movement. Maybe both merged in order to get the job done. We can talk about unfair trade, our, oh, excuse me, the government bringing more and more legal and illegal people from the Middle East, Europe and Mexico.

I could go on because the list is endless, but why bother bringing these people who have and will continue to take jobs that used to go to a vanishing segment of America. I'm referring to the American worker.

After much thought and observation I've arrived at one or two possible reasons for this attack on America. One thought is, at least in my mind, more likely to be spot on correct is the creation of the Global Economy. 

How can America successfully compete, a nation whose average wage is 20 times larger than that of the average wage of those nations that make up this new economy? The answer is simple, we can't. This answer is also quite simple. Actually, there are two answers. One, the manufacturing sector could take less profit, or two, the workers would have to.

Which one will America's corporate sector adopt? I guess that's a no-brainer. The workers are as always going to bite the bullet. This is just one more fact of life. One all of us have experienced at one time or another.

But, here's the real problem. How in God's name can the real deciders in America overhaul an entire nation's way of life? They can't just overnight, dramatically slash wages, or do away with the minimum wage.

If they did, a civil war might erupt. Whatever they do has to be done indirectly, like a magicians trick. Besides, doing away with the minimum wage would only affect a relatively small segment of society.

Nope, we have to go after the tech industry and those workers who pull down above average incomes. OK, we'll outsource, done that. OK, will import foreign labor who will work for less. Ok, done that. We'll keep cutting job benefits, Ok done that. We'll reduce the number of employees.

All have helped, but we have to do something on a larger scale, something here at home, something that will have the greatest effect in as short a time as possible.

OK, what's next? What about if we ignore regulations and allow the Wall Street crowd to empty the till? The results would add greatly to the end we're seeking. One more move, one that will directly or indirectly affect every American.  

End government regulation of prices at the pump. Only through a total collapse of the American economy and way of life will we be able to successfully enter and compete with the other third world nations that make up the new Global Economy.  

Was the bankrupting of our Treasury and the tremendous increase in borrowing from China and other lender nations a part of it? Since our nation's decline began long ago and continued under both the Democratic and Republican administrations.

Cuts in education are simply an indirect result of numerous larger cuts and a much larger picture, cuts that have caused the loss of tax revenue. Let's face facts it's always been about one thing, jobs. Jobs that are essential if we are not only going to fund education, but also maintain our now rapidly disappearing way of life.

Jobs and income we're trying desperately to hold onto. Jobs and a way of life they, whoever they are, are taking away from us. I contend that what has transpired during the least several decades.

Events now greater in scope and more noticeable in recent years have not been accidents or twists of fate or, simple corruption on a large scale. No, although government wants the public to perceive them as such. Nothing in the realm of politics has in the past. Is, or will ever be just an accident.  What we're seeing and living through today, is a plan, the plan for our future.

David Robinson

Weeki Wachee

Legislative delays

Why is it that the passage of important legislative issues are delayed or put off for years by the Florida Legislature during their 90-day yearly session?

There are a number of reasons that never seem to change. Ninety days are not enough time to take care of all legislations. The time should be extended to a six-month yearly session.

We have too many legislators and they never can come to any agreement and if they do then it's a bad compromise. In addition, there are too many "prima donnas" in the legislature. We should reduce the number of legislators.

There are too many committees that slowly process and delay the various bills that come before them and in many cases the various important bills do not come up for a vote.

There are too many lobbyists who try to influence various bills and many times delay them or kill them.

The legislative procedure for processing a bill in the Florida State Legislature is antiquated, slow and complicated thus delaying the passage or defeat of many bills before it. For some unknown reason they are not willing to change to a more efficient system.

Two examples of delay in passage of some very important and necessary legislation are as follows:

Florida and Tampa in particular are in the middle of a criminal scam where there have been hundreds of fake car accidents with fraudulent medical claims.

All growing out of "no fault insurance claims" which requires payment up to ten thousand dollars per person per accident, regardless of who was at fault in the accident thus causing your cost of car insurance to go up because of the face medical bills.

The legislative bill to stop these criminal scams has been delayed for over two years by the legislative process and which bill is badly needed to be put a stop to these criminals but to date nothing done.

The other problem is that gambling is taking place in every strip mall without any control. They are usually called sweepstakes internet cafes. They have turned out to be a money making machine for the owner of the gambling store and the public gambling there are the suckers.

The Florida Legislature has had a bill before it for two years placing controls on this gambling but as usually has done nothing to make it into law. Further delay.

However, the Florida Legislature has managed to pass hundreds of bills of no great consequence such as not handcuffing pregnant women in jail, appointing a Florida State Flagship, authorizing more road signs and granting legislators "pork" money for their pet projects.

When will all this delay and poor legislative procedure stop? It's time for a change in our antiquated legislative procedure to change to a modern, effective procedure and stop the delaying process.

It will hot happen unless you call for a change.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

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