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Letters to the editor, May 3

Hernando Today
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 03:33 PM

Stop the blame game

There has been considerable coverage in your paper surrounding the euthanizing of a non-stray dog at Animal Services. From all accounts it was a very poor decision and cost the animal a chance to be adopted.

A recent article in another newspaper listed what Pennies for Pasco will do if voters there continue to support a 1-cent sales tax. The list includes road projects, new bus, bike and pedestrian trails, purchase of environmentally sensitive lands that will connect large tracts of conservation lands, money for incentives for businesses to choose Pasco County, public safety monies and much, much more. What a feather in the caps of those residents and leaders who in this time of economic troubles have the foresight to invest in some of the things that matter.

Hernando County has a 6.5 percent sales tax now, with 0.50 percent designated for schools. A Hernando Today article by Michael Bates cited sales tax revenues for the month of August in 2008 as $667,000, most of which went into the General Revenue Fund. Even at reduced revenues of today, think of what an extra half-penny sales tax could do for this county.

Think how much more attractive Hernando County might be to businesses and professionals with interests in the arts, downtown areas, parks, fine dining choices, book stores, specialty retail merchants and a publicly funded animal services sterilization program easily modeled after the privately operated Pet-Luv effort.

While fingers of blame are pointing, they must be pointed at every single Hernando County resident who owns a dog or cat that has not been sterilized. All those who are "outraged" by the high number of animals killed in a county with fewer than 200,000 residents needed look further than their own back yard for the answer.

And county commissioners who claim complete ignorance and disgust at the idea that dead animals are being hauled to the landfill when the incinerator at Animal Services has been down for months, should be ashamed of themselves.

Let's quit the blame game and put our pennies where they can do some real good for everyone, including our animals.

Brooke Martin

Ridge Manor

Has Marco Rubio gone loco? 

For Marco Rubio to introduce a modified DREAM Act during Mitt Romney's run for president is like feeding Romney a poison apple.

The U. S. Supreme Court is hearing arguments from Obama's lawyers to rule if the Arizona law SB1070 unconstitutional. A recent poll found Hispanics favor upholding the Arizona law by 45 percent to 43 percent not in favor. Many legal immigrants want our immigration laws enforced, as they had to abide by our laws to become U.S. citizens.

The Florida Board of Bar Examiners, which grants membership to the Bar, has asked the Florida Supreme Court to determine whether it can accept someone who is not in the country legally.

Jose Godinez-Samperio, a Tampa-area resident, came to the United States on a tourist visa from Mexico with his parents when he was 9 years old, but overstayed his visa which is a violation of federal law. He attended our schools and graduated from the Florida State University College of Law. This man is one of Rubio's DREAM Act candidates even though he knowingly broke our immigration laws, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement is not acting to pick him up.

While our U. S. citizens are struggling to pay tuition, Marco Rubio wants illegal aliens to be granted in-state tuition. He wants to give them a temporary student visa rather than citizenship, but it could lead to these students applying for legal residency without the requirement of returning to their parents' home countries.

I agree with Mitt Romney that he should veto the DREAM Act, but allow illegal aliens who serve in the military and have an honorable discharge the opportunity for legal residency.

Marco Rubio should consider our college graduates before he wants to add more students to compete with U. S. citizens. The unemployment rate or underemployment rate for college graduates is over 50 percent. Some are working for minimum wage.

The DREAM Act is a form of amnesty which will cost U. S. taxpayers millions of dollars and will become a nightmare for our college students and graduates as they will have fewer employment opportunities.

Again, I have to ask, ¿Se ha vuelto loco marco rubio?

Betty Dobson



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