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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Letter to the editor, May 9

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 03:38 PM

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Gov. Mitt Romney recently backtracked on his earlier statement that he would not go after one person, specifically Osama bin Laden, if it was his decision. He then slandered President Carter saying that "even Carter would have made that decision."

Romney has a very limited understanding of American history and US foreign policy, not to say he is even close to understanding the core American values of "life, liberty and pursuit of happiness" as engraved in the Declaration of Independence.

What wishy-washy Romney doesn't remember is that President Carter made the courageous decision to send U.S. forces into Iran in April 1980 to rescue 52 American hostages. That was Operation Eagle Claw.

President Carter made the difficult decision. The U.S. military, then not trained to execute these types of operations as a joint force failed even after guaranteeing the president it would work. While the failure was primarily the result of poor joint readiness, contributing factors included equipment malfunctions, weather and pilot error resulting in a collision between a helicopter and a C-130.

What most don't know is the Desert One failure became the genesis of the future Special Operations Command, a military command responsible for joint special operations force training. It is the only U.S. joint command codified in law by Congress. The ultimate result of this was last year's exceptional operation Neptune Spear to get U.S. Public Enemy No. 1 (as so designed by George Bush). It takes special courage by a U.S. president to send a small number of men on an extremely hazardous operation that effects the global reputation of the United States.

Romney had the recent audacity to denigrate the President's decision to execute Neptune Spear and its success. This is especially acute coming almost exactly 9 years after George Bush, the president Romney has stated he would emulate in policy, stood on the deck of USS Abraham Lincoln and proclaimed "Mission Accomplished." A mission he totally failed the United States that characterizes his failure as a president.

We can't afford another presidential failure. Romney doesn't have the character or fortitude to be even considered for the responsibilities of president. Gov. Romney needs to return to Bain Capital where he can focus on buying and breaking up American companies with the end result of job loses and forcing Americans out of work.

Ted Laven

Dade City

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