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Saturday, Mar 28, 2015

Letters to the editor, May 13

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 03:44 PM

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The playbook revealed

The political season is here, so be aware of the political smears, slime, half truths, lies and exaggerations that will be coming your way!

The following are instruction from the Communist Saul Alinsky playbook on how to get elected to office. The playbook calls for continued personal attacks on your opponent, his wife, his family and staff. These attacks do not necessarily have to be truthful as long as they make a big bang in the news media. These numerous news releases will keep your opponent distracted and busy answering them.

It further recommends that you find some diverse issues or hate issues and use them to unite a group behind you. A good example of diverse issues and hate issues are: poor against rich, black against white, women against men, taxes – rich do not pay enough, abortion, religion, gay rights, illegals and more.

It is important that you have mercenaries who will do or say whatever you want, no matter how questionable or wrong. These mercenaries will be your attack dogs, while they make you look clean.

You must have the liberal news media in your pocket, so promise them anything. Thus the news media will print or release anything that you give them. If the items released are wrong they rarely issue a retraction.

Use Acorn or a like group to organize and buy votes. Make use of the Internet as a great source for smears and half truths.

The reason that I have revealed the Saul Alinsky playbook of the Communist Party is to show you what is going to happen in the coming national election. For Obama studied under the communist Saul Alinsky group in Los Angeles and under the same group in Chicago.

Obama plans to run a mean nasty campaign following the Alinsky playbook so be prepared for the worse and do not believe anything he says or his attack dogs may say.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

Trash service woes

I am writing this letter today in response to an article that appeared recently in the newspaper titled, "Trash pickup bills overdue."

It seems to me that some people who are in the so called mandatory zone are still experiencing problems that we had with the last trash hauler, Waste Management.

I was one of those people who was getting bad service from Waste Management and so far to date, the new company Republic has not complied to their contract with the service I am getting, by billing me for a service they are not suppling.

I refuse service from the old company Waste Management due to there destructive behaviors and not suppling me with new recycling bins as a new customer.

I put up with that for years and when I move to my new house next door to the old one and communicated my concerns by phone, emails and written letters over a period of years to the company, Waste Management, I refused to pay a bill for the service I was not getting.

This was happening way before that I knew about the mandatory trash pickup in the three highest area codes in the county, the only ones that were mandatory in the county.

How did that happen, well asking the county administrator and county commissioners is like asking a brick wall, they have not given me a solid reasonable answer or proof how thosethree area codes are mandatory.

We as taxpayers have a right to see the proof in writing, not just the commissioners' word.

I do not believe in making things mandatory, like trash pickup when you pay the county for use of the dump. I do not believe in double paying and by the county charging a yearly fee.

If there was a countywide vote back in 1986 and 1992 for the county to have mandatory trash pickup, why to this day, is the most populated area of the county only mandatory and the rest of the county is not.

I have contacted Republic twice through their billing system stating I would like a reduced rate and bins but have not been contact yet. If this continues, no bins, no business, the mandatory status to me is violating the contract with the county as far as I am concerned and I will stop paying for a service I am not contractually getting. The county bosses need to get off there duff and make sure they are giving the tax payers service that they are paying for.

Gary Mercer

Spring Hill

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