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Friday, Feb 27, 2015

It's time to chart U.S.'s future path

BY LEN TRIA, Uncommon Sense
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 06:58 PM

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The time is now to make your vote count. By now, most people have made up their mind about who they will vote for.

For those who are still in the undecided group of people, here are some points to ponder. To begin with, the current administration, at the outset, promised to work across party lines, promised to unite the races not divide them, promised to put people back to work. 

While that is only a handful of what the president promised to do, he has not delivered on them and many other issues as well. When the president speaks of "fairness," that is his code word for redistribution of wealth, which he openly supports and believes in.

He has demonized a class of people that have become successful and pitted ordinary folks against them as being the greedy, rich people. This is classic class warfare as outlined in Marxism and then refined by Saul Alinsky in his "Rules for Radicals."

This is the manual that is the Bible of the left and creates hatred and class envy as a means of dividing the country and thus making it more conquerable. There has never been a time in the recent past that has seen the racial divide more prominent in our daily lives.

When he became president, Obama had a majority in both houses of Congress and cast the Republicans aside as defeated combatants. His health care bill was rammed through without any debate.

In the Senate, it was passed as a Budget Reconciliation Bill in order to circumvent the Senate rule requiring 60 votes to cut off debate. On the jobs front, the president squandered billions of dollars for his so-called stimulus bill that went to government workers, campaign contributors and "shovel ready" jobs that the president later had to admit weren't there.

All the while the work force has shrunk to about 63 percent of the available people and as they leave the job market the administration takes credit for lowering the unemployment rate, which is actually around 15 percent.

The president worked against increasing oil production on government lands and stopped the Keystone pipeline from Canada.

On the foreign affairs front as the president spikes the football re: "Osama," claiming he's dead and GM is alive. But al Qaida is alive in 30 countries and look at the disaster in Libya, plus GM still owes the American taxpayer $30 billion, which we will, in all probability, never get back. And the coup de grace is the staggering $6 trillion dollars in Obama debt that will cripple this nation.

That is only a partial list of Obama failures. It should help some of you undecided voters make up your mind as to what kind of country you want the United States to be.        

Len Tria, a regular columnist for Hernando Today, lives in Spring Hill and is a former Hernando County commissioner.

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