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Wednesday, Apr 01, 2015

Letters to the editor, Oct. 6

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 06:27 PM

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Mr. Nasty

When will the public say no to Bill Nelson's hateful attacks on Rep. Connie Mack. These attacks remind me of the down and dirty politics in Chicago of the 1960's, where the dirtier they were the better.

Nelson's ads have a tricky way of twisting and distorting the truth, where in truth there was a simple logical explanation of each of his claims against Mack, which Nelson knew but refused to consider but covered it up.

For example, in answer to Nelson's claim of poor attendance against Mack, Mack was out campaigning for election but was present for all important debates and votes.

The absence for campaigning is common for all members of congress who are up for election, even Obama has been absent from office for campaigning for over a year.

Nelson's campaign tactics comes from his belief that the end justifies any and all bad means. Nelson is a follower of the Saul Alinsky rule book of how to get elected, which says it is good to get down and dirty.

You will note that Nelson does not attack any of Mack's voting record because there is nothing to attack, so Nelson attacks Mack personally. The main reason that Nelson is sticking to personal attacks on Mack is that he does not want to openly discuss his support of Obama and controversial Obama care.

Mack has a good record. He has supported establishing a national budget, reducing our debt, cut spending, support Medicare and social security and oil from Canada.

I hope the public will see through liberal Nelson and as a lover of Obama and Obama's plans for socialist government and the decay of America. Wake up America.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

Not so rosy

Every night when I turn on the evening news it is as predictable as sunshine in Florida the lead story will be some poll showing some reason Romney is behind. The demographic shows the president ahead and the outlook is looking rosy for his re-election.

Scott Pelly on CBS would have you believing everybody loves the president's performance the last four years. This was all predictable, the closer we get to November the more the liberal press is going to glorify the president and also put down Mitt Romney and find people from all who agree with there bias.

I ask this, does the increase in food stamps in the last four years from 15,666 Hernando County residents in August 2008 to 34,203 in August 2012 sound like the president's policies are working?

Can Hernando County residents look down there street and see foreclosed homes and weeds growing up where nicely keep lawns use to be. Does the unemployment rate near 10 percent in this area tell you how good we are doing?

These are not polls, these are facts, you're not going to see Pelly telling you these realizations. So if anyone out there would like to question how good things are going maybe they open their eyes and turn down the volume when the evening news comes on.

James Woods


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