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Letters to the editor, Oct. 21

Hernando Today
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 06:40 PM

Vote Obama, he gets it

To all the readers with the perfect children, perfect jobs and perfect lives, vote for Mitt Romney.

If you lose your job, you can afford Cobra continuation at hundreds of dollars per month and when a terrible illness strikes you or your loved ones, you still have insurance to meet the needs of ridiculous doctor bills, obscene testing and hospital costs which you don't seem to mind paying.

After all, Romney does not want the government to be involved in any of the cost limitations of these services. Being above the poor and middle class, Romney is against any government involvement on sky rocketing medical fees, insurance company changes and pharmaceutical company charges.

Why do you ask? Because those are the ones who are voting for him and one hand washes the other. Vote for me and there will be no limit on what these captors can charge. Is this due to giving people better healthcare? No, of course not, the doctor needs a new car?

It has to be a Mercedes or a Porsche! A simple car will not do! After all you belong to the elite! The doctor's wives have to get the latest plastic surgery tweak so she can look good in her designer dresses as she parades around as the high and mighty doctor's wife.

So when a doctor comes to you with a sad face and says you need surgery before this current administrations starts cutting his costs, he really means mama needs a new set of boobs!

That's why Romney's wife's $77,000 tax deduction on her horse is so important – it shows upper crust value! I'm sure she has limitless resources to fight her MS meanwhile the so called "lazy people" with family members who have ms have to bit their upper lip and deal with it!

To all the readers with the not so perfect families, due to the fact that they are disabled or dealing with devastating health issues, with the not so perfect jobs, because big corporations are only dishing out part time jobs without health insurance but at the same time are reaping in bug bucks for the CEO's and not so perfect lives, due to the cost of trying to pay your mortgage, being raped by the doctors, hospitals, etc. because your child has cancer, vote for Obama.

Why, because he has a heart and conscience for the poor and middle class which the Republicans view as the low lives of the country. I would rather have my money go into a family who is down on their luck and is on Medicaid then pay Medicaid as a secondary insurance to the parents of rich kids who put everything in their own names, therefore making the government pay for Medicaid as their parents supplemental insurance!

Imagine that!

Doctors and the elite using the Medicaid system as a secondary insurance for their parents! There's a loop hole for everything. How about doctors, adult children, step children, grandchildren mooching on the Medicaid system! I thought the Medicaid system was only for the lazy poor and middle class! Why can't they borrow from their parents as the "down to earth" Romney suggests? What about the soldiers who are fighting Bush's war! Most are from these lazy Medicaid families.

They're not good enough to be your equal but they're good enough to die in a war that should not have been! Let Romney send the herd of sons he has go to the front lines? Sorry, they might dirty their khaki pants and polo shirts and talk about an embarrassment to our country!

Having the opportunity to travel, let me tell you that Obama is well liked and has brought tour country to a level over and above the likable factor! If there is any president that should have been impeached it should have been Bush! I don't care about color or religion of a president. Obama is not a Muslim but if he were a Muslim "who cares."

There's Mitt Romney who like Marie Antoinette said if the people are hungry and don't have bread let them eat cake. Gee, sounds good Marie Antoinette, Rom-nay Antoinette.

Susan Laves

Spring Hill

A job well done

On Oct, 5 my granddaughter was found missing from her bed at 5 a.m. The Hernando County Sheriff's Office issued an alert for a missing and endangered child.

As often happens at a time like this our family did not think enough was being done to find her. Well let me tell you Sheriff Al Nienhuis and his deputies knew exactly what had happened and in the end as a collective team that child was found safe and unharmed.

I would like to thank Sheriff Nienhuis for doing an awesome job. He has a great crew of the finest men and women working under him. It takes a crime-smart sheriff to keep us all safe. May God bless all of you and keep you safe while you protect and serve our county.

I also would like to thank all of those who helped to get flyers put out. We managed to get over 1,000 out there and it is one of those flyers that brought this child home to us.

There is something to be said for the kids in Hernando County. When it is one of their own missing they drag their parent and whomever they can get to help.

Again thank you to all of you that helped. A child lost is a tragedy – a child found safe is a blessing!

Dorothy Chase



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