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Letters to the editor, Oct. 25

Hernando Today
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 06:48 PM

A job well done

On Oct. 5 my granddaughter was found missing from her bed at 5 a.m. The Hernando County Sheriff's Office issued an alert for a missing and endangered child.

As often happens at a time like this, our family did not think enough was being done to find her. Well, let me tell you Sheriff Al Nienhuis and his deputies knew exactly what had happened, and in the end as a collective team that child was found safe and unharmed.

I would like to thank Sheriff Nienhuis for doing an awesome job. He has a great crew of the finest men and women working under him. It takes a crime-smart sheriff to keep us all safe. May God bless all of you and keep you safe while you protect and serve our county.

I also would like to thank all of those who helped to get fliers put out. We managed to get over 1,000 out there and it is one of those fliers that brought this child home to us.

There is something to be said for the kids in Hernando County. When it is one of their own missing, they drag their parent and whomever they can get to help.

Again, thank you to all of you that helped. A child lost is a tragedy — a child found safe is a blessing!

Dorothy Chase


Fate of Social Security and Medicare

Obama's promise that social security and Medicare will always be there under his administration is one more lie.

The truth is we are in a bad economic situation caused by the democratic permitting and encouraging the housing and mortgage frauds and Obama has not had the ability to lessen this problem.

Social Security and Medicare benefits are not going to last, because their incomes are not enough to meet the demands for payments and are on the road to bankruptcy in the very near future, for the following reasons:

Our national debt ($14 trillion) is so large that there are not enough funds to pay our government's entire obligation without borrowing money from China.

Great unemployment results in less money being paid into social security and Medicare

More and more people are becoming eligible for social security and Medicare (the boomers) and have caused a further drain o these benefits.

Obama has already withdrawn funds from Medicare, $716 billion, for Obama Care and will in the future withdraw funds from Social Security for Obama Care if he feels it's necessary.

There is a further drain on benefits for the payment of disability benefits.

All of the foregoing is gradually shortening the time for Social Security and Medicare to go bankrupt. The key to turn this situation around is to increase employment with big industry and with smaller employers. The real figures for our unemployment is 14 percent and not 8.2 percent because the government does not include in their figures people who have given up looking for work.

Obama has had four years to really increase employment, but failed to do so, now is the time to change horses and be rid of Obama and elect Romney. Wake up America.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee

Riding the third rail

For decades, politicians have referred to Social Security as the third rail of politics; tinkering with it meant committing political suicide. Now I'm not a politician, so I'm in no danger of losing votes that could cost me an election. 

However, I am in danger of losing the respect of my 16 grandchildren if I don't speak out about the so called "third rail," and losing their respect would make losing an election pale in comparison. So let me share my thoughts regarding the third rail. 

I've not only touched the third rail, and survived but I'm riding on it daily. A few years ago I was issued my boarding pass as a result of a lifetime of pre-purchasing my ticket through something that showed up on my paycheck as an OASDI deduction. Right across the top of my boarding pass in bold letters was "I'M ENTITLED," and now I can go anytime, anywhere the third rail goes; no more tolls, no pat downs, no electronic screening, no waiting, I mean this "I'm Entitled" thingy is the slickest thing I've ever seen. 

When I do decide to disembark, say at a local diner, my boarding pass even gets me a meal deal; rumor has it I'll be getting a "meal deal" toy soon; WOW, this  really is All About Retired People; isn't it?

Now our children and grandchildren aren't eligible for this "third rail" ride just yet, but they do participate by funding the boarding pass program, and like everything else the boarding pass price has increased significantly.  

For example, a 1960 retiree's boarding pass fee was only 1.6 percent of their working lifetime wage; for a 1980 retiree it was 5.15 percent; a 2000 retiree 9.66 percent, and for those just entering the boarding pass program in 2010, the fee was 12.4 percent of their annual wages.  Do you see a trend here?  

Well let me explain why this had to happen. You see 78 baby boomers were pre-purchasing their boarding passes, and politicians were concerned the third rail would overload; you know be operating in the red. So they introduced a new super funding fee for the third rail program in 1983. This new super fee was hailed as a plan to ensure boarding pass funding for the next 75 years. Not knowing the full story, working Americans applauded, saying congress and the President demonstrated great political courage.

Now less than 30 years later, and we're beginning to sense the wheels could be coming off. In fact some even suggest the 1983 super fee program wasn't an act of political courage at all.  They say it was a virtual world political dream, that's morphing into a real world economic nightmare.  

If that's the case maybe we should slow down this Third rail ride, catch our collective breath, and open a dialogue with those who are funding our ride. Failure to do so may leave us holding a boarding pass with nowhere to go. 

God forbid I should have to get out there on that old dirt road and hitchhike a ride. You see after riding the third rail, hitchhiking would just put a crimp in my style, after all I have an "I'M ENTITLED" boarding pass that entitles me to ride the third rail anytime anywhere. Need I remind you again; It's All About Retired People, isn't it?

One more thing. Don't think your elected reprehensibles, including our own congressman, Rich Nugent, are going wave their magic wand and fix it anytime soon. They're too darn scared to even touch it; after all it is the third rail. So my best advise is; get involved before the wheels come off and our third rail ride is over. We want our America back:

Jim Gries

Weeki Wachee


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