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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Nugent needed in Washington, D.C.

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 06:48 PM

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THE ISSUE: U.S. House, District 11.

OUR OPINION: Rich Nugent is the obvious choice.

The race for District 11 in the U.S. House of Representatives features the well-known former sheriff Rich Nugent squaring off against a perennial candidate for office, David Werder.

Rep. Nugent has served his district well during his first two years in office.

He has focused on a conservative platform that makes up a majority of his party's constituency within the district.

One focus of Nugent's has been Obamacare, which he has vowed to do all he can to repeal.

Nugent, 61, views the key to economic recovery in District 11 as job creation and believes the uncertainty surrounding the present administration's policies are a hindrance to that growth.

While certainly not opposed to Medicare reform, Nugent said he will fight to keep benefits unchanged for those 55 and older, which plays well in a district consisting of a high number of retirees. He also favors shoring up Social Security to make it viable for future generations.

Werder, who has run for Congress seven times, has said his opponent is part of the problem, noting that since Nugent took office the economy has gotten worse.

While true, it is hard to fault Nugent for the worsening of the economy, unemployment and the national debt.

Unlike his opponent, Werder is against overhauling Social Security for fear it might lead to privatization. When it comes to Medicare, Werder doesn't feel any major changes are needed other than proposing having Department of Veteran Affairs hospitals available to all Americans.

What is certain is Rep. Nugent has always been accessible to the public and can be seen regularly touring the district he represents.

Nugent needs more time to make headway in Congress and bring about much-needed change.

Hernando Today recommends voters cast their ballots for Rich Nugent in the District 11 U.S. House of Representatives race.

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