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Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015

Letters to the editor, Sept. 9

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 05:56 PM

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Looking at facts

I have been reading the articles in your newspaper and it is very clear that the Hernando Today and the other newspaper are bias against Democrats.

The question: Are we better off than four years ago? I do not know where these people are that say we are not; they must now live here in the U.S.

If you believe that we were better under President Bush's administration, then vote for Gov Romney this November and if you believe that President Obama is doing the best he could under the circumstances that was given to him when he took over the office of the presidency, then vote for him in November.

I am one of those people that look at the facts and sometimes I do not get all the facts right, rarely. I am tired of people bashing our president in your newspaper, the fact is, we are better off then we were four years ago, true fact and if you do not think so, I feel sorry for you.

It might not be up to your standard but we do have 535 people in Washington that are responsible for the direction of this country. They make the decisions and the President enacts those decisions and that is fact. So if you do not like your President that is in office, then when you go to the polls this November, make sure you vote those people out of office that make those decisions too and vote for the president you believe that can move this country forward and not backward.

We live in the United States, to be honest with you; I could care less what goes on in these other countries. What I do care about are the people that need our help in this country. The 535 people in Washington should vote to stop giving our American dollars of aide to 150 countries, fact. Take that money and help the American people, the people out of work, the homeless, the sick, the injured and the people that loss there homes. If the U.S. gives these other countries this aide, stop it now and take care of your own first and if there is any left, then we can help them.

Stop letting those Fat Cats in Wall Street dictate what goes on in Washington and we would be better off than we were four years ago.

So, stop complaining and go to the polls in November (early or late) and make your choice who you believe can move us forward.

Gary Mercer

Spring Hill

Vote Obama, really

I am going to shock everyone who knows me with this letter because I am writing to urge everyone to vote for Barack Obama in November. Don't get me wrong, I am a die hard Republican, and would love to see Mitt Romney win the election for so many, many reasons. But, in reality, even Obama couldn't mess things up for me in the 4 more years he would have, although it might be close.

I may be selfish, but I am of the generation (61 years old) that has taken care of me and my family's future. Like others of my generation, I and my wife have worked hard for many years. I have a great pension with paid medical, dental and life insurance. We will both be collecting Social Security very shortly. We have no mortgage on our beautiful home, no credit card debt and money in the bank. Our children are all grown, and have great jobs. They have planned for themselves and their children's future, too, so we're not worried about them. So, to those who would support Obama, I say "you deserve what you get."

Ironically, the people who will be negatively affected if Obama is re-elected are his most ardent supporters. It will be the young college age kids, and the minority communities that will be hurt the most. He hasn't done a thing to improve their status; his promises to them were all hollow.

The unemployment rate is even higher than the national average for the young kids and minorities. First, it was "Hope and Change," and now it's "Forward," Really? These people should ask themselves, "What has he actually done to help us?" If they are honest, their answer will be "nothing!" Obama says he has a plan to fix things? He does? Where has this plan been for the past 4 years, and what has he been waiting for? Was he waiting for it to get really bad before he implemented this miracle plan?

The Democratic Party is so disingenuous with their rhetoric and outright lies. It amazes me that people actually fall for the baloney the Democratic Party feeds them. They are the ones keeping you down, by making you dependent on the government, instead of making you independent. You would rather accept handouts from the government, than get a job, work hard, and save to help yourself and your family? Sadly, many would answer "yes" to this.

So, to these people I say, please vote for Obama again, you deserve what you'll get. He did such a great job in his first term, didn't he? He fixed the economy, brought down the crushing national debt, and the unemployment rate. He closed Gitmo, brought all the troops home, addressed the illegal immigration problem, and brought our country closer together. He did?

He promised all this in his first term, but didn't deliver. So, you think he deserves a second chance? Good, then vote for him, you deserve him. Those of my generation will just sit back, enjoy our life, and have a good laugh on you.

Russ Colombo

Spring Hill

Getting educated

For those who think this up coming election has no far reaching impact let me educate you.

First, from my own experience, I am an active member in the APA, American Pool Players Association. We play league pool at various locations throughout the western counties from Hudson to Crystal River and Inverness usually in pubs and bars.

If re-elected Obama's oppressive taxation and regulations will force out of business many locations and since they are small businesses and the owners file personal income taxes based on the earnings from their businesses or they are considered "rich" with incomes over $200,000.This will result in higher prices reducing customers forcing yet more price increases and so forth. You get the picture.

Now let us look at others who will be impacted. If you play golf, again the Unaffordable Care Act will force courses to, you guessed it, raise prices due to the mandate tax resulting in declining play reducing payrolls affecting course upkeep leaping players away closing courses making it more and more expensive to play.

That is probably what he wants so he is not bothered by others when he plays. Huge amounts of franchised businesses will fail because of His Majesty's policies of regulate and destroy business so the great unwashed keep living off our tax dollars. Now think of just what are franchised, McDonalds, Wendy's, Burger King, etc. prices skyrocket income tumbles.

That my friend is where we are headed with the "King" gaining a second term.

So when you go to the polls this November stop off at a fast food restaurant and take a good look at the menu prices and imagine the increases in prices and not only ask, "Am I better off now than four years ago?" Ask "How could I possibly be better off in the next four years?" Then vote I know how I am voting. I want economic prosperity jobs, jobs and more jobs, energy independence and debt reduction not another recession, credit down grade the collapse of Medicare in favor of Obama-doesn't-care.

George Stansbury


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