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Letters to the editor, Sept. 13

Hernando Today
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 05:59 PM

The vote times three

Did you see the vote? I mean the vote where the Democrats wanted to include God and Jerusalem in the party platform? The vote they took three times? 

They asked for a vote for the measure or against it. The first vote didn't turn out the way they wanted it. More nays than yeas. So they took a second vote. Same result, more nays than yeas, so they took a third vote. Same result. 

So what to do now? Well just say the yeas have it. It's just that simple for the Obama administration. Isn't that kind of the way the Obama administration has conducted America's business since he took over as President? 

Aren't the Democrats ashamed over their underhanded conduct? Not on your life. That's how America works under President Obama.

Ron Dakin

Spring Hill

The blame game

Gary Mercer in his Letter to the Editor on Sept. 9 was beating President Obama's drum, but while doing that he made the perfect reason as to why we should vote for Republicans in this election.

He said that the 535 people (House and Senate) are responsible for the direction of this country. How correct he is.

Now we all know that while Bush was president the housing market collapse was the major factor our economy collapsed. Well those 535 people were warned 17 times By President Bush about Fannie and Freddie and those people would do nothing about it because they were getting good contributions toward their campaigns including then Sen. Obama and Charlie Rangel. The Democrats had the majority in both the House and Senate at the time, therefor it was not Bush's fault, It was the Democrat majority's lack of action that crashed the housing market and Obama inherited.

Obama also had a Democrat majority in both the House and Senate in his first two years and here we are today, no better off then four years ago and Obama spent his whole first year twisting arms to narrowly get his health care bill passed instead of concentrating in that first year on getting people back to work and turning this economy around. Jobs were third fiddle to Obama care and his green energy.

Robert Van Istendal

Spring Hill

Pick your poison

The reason there isn't a R3VOLution is because the media nipped it in bud by blacking Ron Paul and his delegates out. What you might do is go to You Tube and type in RNC sham 2012 where it will show you what happened at the convention. Sure, it could be fake, but I doubt it because I put nothing passed the leadership of the Republican Party.

Paul's delegates tried to nominate him from the floor but the Republicans are afraid that he could actually win this election, or keep President Obama in. They don't want that because they know the President will come for their guns in his next term and they won't have nothing to fight him with.

I voted for a Republican once. It was for sheriff and that was the biggest mistake I ever made. If I could take that vote back I would, but it's not necessary because he isn't sheriff anymore.

In November I plan to do as I always do and that's vote for third party candidates. I do it as a protest vote. I knew my candidate wasn't going to win from the get go.

Our choice is clear in November. We either get a nanny state or a dictatorship. I hope Republicans are proud of themselves. Don't let the world see you gloat. It will blow back on you one day and make you sorry you ever let them get away with it.

You people are as bad as the Democrats. You want to live in a world where people do as you say but you don't have to practice what you preach.

Jane Kukla

Spring Hill

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