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Monday, Mar 30, 2015

Letters to the editor, Sept. 20

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Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 06:08 PM

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Honor our vets

Mike Morris grew up in Brooksville. He graduated from Hernando High School. He is a paramedic for the fire department in Hillsborough County. He is back from Iraq. He served three years in the Army as an air assault specialist well trained for combat in a readiness with guns and munitions in rappelling from helicopters to face fire fights with the enemy.

He says he is not a hero. However, this fine young man signed up for the Army after Sept. 11. He was in Baghdad 2001. We have not seen this since World War II. Young men quit high school to sign up for World War II to battle Hitler and step into the Asian Pacific war against the Japanese when Pearl Harbor was attacked.

He is applying for service connection through the VA but he is modest about his claims considering that Vietnam veterans need to be there first because they suffered serious mental health issues from strange combat experiences in a strange land.

He qualifies for having his name inscribed on the Honor Roll at the Courthouse plaza in Brooksville, but I did not have the heart to say he would have to pay for the honor, per letter, an honor our brave young men should not have to back into because money is the issue and taxpayers we are told should not have to bear the burden of costs so government employees will state quoting directives.

We can do better surely. Our New York fire fighters should know that America was ready to join the military from high schools everywhere after the Sept. 11 horrific attack.

Deron Mikal


A new slavery

I had a daydream that I could be a federal reserve banker. I wouldn't have to worry about attracting investors or serving customers. Just fire up the presses at the U.S. Treasury and print up some money to buy U.S. bonds and sit back and rake in the interest payments from the American taxpayer!

When inflation eventually kicks in I'll have enough flexibility in personal investments to avoid any real trouble, unlike the poor working stiff, living paycheck to paycheck.

Those guys always get hit the hardest by inflation! Also, I'm not worried about actual value or collateral behind the Fed's investments. The politicians know that if they ever miss an interest payment it could shut down the whole U.S. government. Remember what happened in the fall of 2008 and 2010? They can't say no to me. What a sweet deal!

Seriously, may God open our eyes to the economic slavery we're bringing upon our children.

Mike Carlson

Weeki Wachee

Changed needed now

Have you seen the Obama interview when he proclaims that there is one thing he will not tolerate is anyone trying to interfere with the education of children.

Yet he stands idol by why his home town Chicago teachers are on strike for higher wages.

This group comprise the highest paid school district in the country, of course they are also led by his biggest supporters "The mighty Teachers Union," in a city run by his buddy Mayor Rahm Emanuel, but that's "OK" I guess the kids take a back seat when your buddies are at the for front.

This is a prime example of Chicago politics the same type of politics the White House was been wielding for the past four years. Don't be fooled by Mr. Personality, leadership and honesty are buried in the Rose Garden, I hope we find a shovel in November.  James Woods


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