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Letters to the editor, Sept. 23

Hernando Today
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 06:12 PM

Giving thanks

We recently lost a member of our family she just couldn't win the fight against the disease she was struck with.

I would like to Thank Dr. Rob Young, Dr. Charity Miller, Merdith, Lisa, Dee and all the staff for their kindness and the compassion that we were shown in this difficult time.

I have had many vet's in my life but few I could call friends. The history behind this business is what success stories are all about you know walking in the door your not just another customer and that they truly care about your pets.

So Thank you once again for all that you did for Teeka.

Marnie Soderquist


The facts

Here's a letter I never thought I'd have to write. I never thought I'd have to inform people who our president is. But, it seems the liberal media, and liberals in general, think that either George W. Bush is still our president, or that Mitt Romney has somehow become our president.

The reason I say this is because when Barack Obama first took office, GWB was to blame for everything from the economic collapse, to steroid use in pro athletes.

Now, it's Mitt Romney's turn. Every speech he gives the liberal media scrutinizes it to death, and plays over and over again what they perceive as a gaffe.

You don't seem to hear from them about how Barack Obama believes in redistributing the wealth in our country.

You don't hear how he dropped the ball on the Libya & Cairo assaults on our embassies. You don't hear how he didn't attend the national memorial service for Neil Armstrong because he was in Las Vegas campaigning.

And, God forbid (sorry about mentioning God, you liberals) the media reports how Obama has increased our national debt to critical levels, how unemployment has been over 8 percent his entire term, how more people in history are on food stamps now, or dependent on the government for handouts. The outcry over not closing Gitmo, as he promised, is certainly not news anymore. Of course I could go on and on here, but you get the picture.

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I thought we were taught in school that the media was just supposed to report the facts. I guess many of the people in charge of the media now missed those classes, huh?

And one other thing – if you don't feel things are going that great for you or our country – Barack Obama has been the president for the past 3 1/2 years. Maybe you haven't heard that from the media lately.

Russ Colombo

Spring Hill

One more bad decision

This is an article about a dumb decision by a federal judge. A suit was filed in federal court by a prison inmate, who was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife. In this suit the prisoner was asking the court to order the state to give him a sex change surgery from male to female and for the state to pay for the surgery.

The judge granted the prisoner's request for a sex change surgery ordering the state to pay for it. However, the judge failed to consider the bad precedent his decision would cause upon hundreds of thousands of prisoners throughout the U.S. and the costs that it would incur to the U.S. taxpayers.

The full cost of this sex change surgery could come between $200,000 and $350,000. This judge has no read grasp of the real world and must be living in a make believe world where everything is free but paid for by the taxpayers.

His decision is not only irresponsible but very costly to the taxpayer. We need to be rid of these irresponsible decisions and the judges who make them.

Norman Pallot

Weeki Wachee


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