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Tuesday, Mar 03, 2015

We risk traveling road to ruin

BY LEN TRIA, Uncommon Sense
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 06:13 PM

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The administration has come clean on the Benghazi attack and now admits it was a terrorist attack. So why did they spend days claiming it was a spontaneous attack lit off by a movie trailer?

They did it because they are the most non-transparent administration in recent history. They did it because their minions in the mainstream media do not press the important questions that have to be answered.

They do it because the election polls are so close now that protection of the incumbent in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is of paramount importance. They have their fancy slogans such as "Bin Laden is dead but GM is alive."

GM may be technically alive but the American taxpayer is still on the hook for $20 billion, which we will never recoup. It's alive because the government stuck it to the bond holders and gave away over a third of the company to the UAW.

Well, it seems they have not yet found the magic solution to making GM profitable enough to pay back its debt to the taxpayers. Even with the added caveat that they are exempt from federal income taxes for a decade.

That's a huge success in the fairyland of collectivism politics. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of coal workers are being laid off because of the government and its severe regulation of the industry.

What about all the workers that will surely lose their jobs in associated industries that are tied to the coal industry? Railroads will surely suffer as a large part of their business is shipping coal, and as the coal industry slows so does the railroad.

But we are told the economy is in recovery and getting better and that's the reason the Federal Reserve is going to print $40 billion a month to pump into the economy. QE three, as it is called, hasn't worked in the past and there is no reason to believe it should work now.

What we will be faced with is a devaluation of our money and especially our savings. The next crisis is right around the corner and it is called inflation.

More and more people are giving up looking for work and the administration says we are doing fine in the private sector. Tell that to some bank employees laid off last week and some projected to be laid off very shortly.

I met one of them who lost her job after 17 years in the banking industry with no prospect of a job anytime soon. Keep the slogans coming and eventually we will have full employment because there will be nobody looking for work. Then the liberals will have succeeded in making the country one of complete dependency on the federal government, which will soon collapse because there will be nobody left to pay for all the government goodies.

If you think that's impossible, read some of the writings of Obama's heroes who espouse that very philosophy for bringing this nation down.   

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