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Wednesday, Apr 01, 2015

U.S. needs new foreign policy

MICHAEL MOHOLLAND, Guest Columnist Staff
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 06:17 PM

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America has in the past through inconsistent and weak policies, created too much hatred and too much debt by going around and trying to police the world. We could change that but doing the following:

1. The United States is for Americans, the rest of the world is for everyone else. We will not interfere with the actions of a foreign government in their own countries, unless specifically requested by that government and/or the United Nations, and only if it serves our interest and we will expect payment for our services that will be negotiated before we take action.

2. All United States embassies will have a garrison of U.S. Marines to provide security at our embassies. The host country must also provide protection of our embassies. Our marines will only take defensive action when it is apparent the host country is unable or unwilling to do so. There can not be an embassy in any country that refuses to allow us to provide our own security.

An attack on our embassies anywhere in the world is an attack on the United States, however it must be up to the host country to act to protect our embassies and to capture and bring offenders to justice according to their own customs and law. The host country is responsible for demonstrating through their actions that they are acting to protect our embassies and to capture and bring offenders to justice.

If no such evidence is observed that they are acting in this way, the United States will immediately suspend aid to the host country. If they are unable to protect us in their country, than we will take action to protect our interest thru any means overt or covert.

3. We do not need to send soldiers into harms way. If a foreign government is found to be complicit it any attack against the United States, its people or its embassies, we have the technology to go anywhere in the world in 12 hours, we don't need to land. We can execute our attack with any and all means at our disposal, either thru financial, social, or military means, up to and including cruise missiles and non nuclear ICBMs to punish any country that attacks us.

4. The National Guard should be a military force under the authority of the host states and available to the states to provide a military presence as needed. If a governor of a state deems it necessary to use the guard to provide security from a terror cell within the state, respond to a catastrophe or to provide additional security along its international borders the governor may do so. The United States may not use the National Guard without the permission of the governor of that state.

5. America is for Americans yet remain open to people of other nations to immigrate or visit, within legal means. Foreign visitors are required to obtain permission thru our embassies in order to do so. Entry to the United States is restricted to specific and many ports of entry. Signs will be posted in the most prevalent languages of the area. These areas will be guarded with national guardsmen, border patrol, fences electronic monitoring or any other ways available to us technologically. Any attempt to enter the United States anywhere other than designated entry point will result in immediate arrest and any attempt to flea or elude may be met with deadly force.

6. If someone is in the United States illegally they may go to the closest government facility and request permission to stay in the United States. They will be detained in a secure facility while their application is reviewed and may be released with a probationary visa at the will of the appropriate authority. They may be held as long as reasonably necessary to investigate the legitimacy of their request.

They may withdraw their request at any time and if so will be immediately deported. Any residency visa is valid for a maximum of six months and they must find employment during this time, if they are unemployed and or show no legitimate means of support they may be deported. The residency visa must be renewed every six months. After 7 years they may apply for permanent residency or citizenship. Conviction of any felony other than illegal immigration will result in immediate deportation upon the completion of their sentence.

7. Welfare benefits will only be available to American citizens and to legal residents of the United States. If someone is not here legally, local, state, and or federal authorities have a responsibility to arrest or detain them regardless of the situation. If someone is in the country illegally, they are a criminal, in the process of a criminal act, and subject to arrest. If someone is in the process of committing any crime in addition to the pre-existing crime of illegal entry to the United States and are armed they may be considered a threat against the United States and its people. 

8. All legal residents and citizens of the United States will enjoy the protection of the United States. If someone are in this country illegally, they will have no protection under the law, no rights to file a complaint, no right to redress of grievances, have no access to our courts other than to answer charges against someone, no right to a public defender, and should they want an attorney, will be required to pay for their own attorney. If someone are in this country on an expired visa someone are in the country illegally.

9. We will respect the United Nations but will not grant sovereignty to it. The United States retains the right to respond to any threat in any way. The United Nations is a negotiating body, a mediator between nations and has no sovereignty.

Michael Moholland is a Brooksville resident.

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