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Sunday, Mar 29, 2015

It's already too late

J.G. NASH, Of Cabbages, Of Cabbages Staff
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 06:18 PM

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The news is currently filled with reports, opinions, and paid political announcements advising us to "Act before it's too late." The referenced action is to elect anyone but Obama during the imminent presidential election, because if Mr. Obama is given another four years in the White House, he'll destroy the nation's tottering economy, international relations, and unraveled social fabric – and along with those, you and me.

It is sometimes further explained that such "destruction" will inevitably follow the establishment of a Socialist, government-dependent, entitlement-oriented, morally degenerate population. I submit that such is already the case, and, as experience has adequately demonstrated in many other nations, an economically-opiated population never acts successfully to return to a socio-economic structure that supports national strength and healthy growth. We're observing that traumatic process in places such as Greece and Spain at this moment.

It appears clear to me that a majority of potential voters (legal and otherwise) is now essentially a mass of poorly informed, under-educated, thoughtless persons that will vote for any candidate promising to continue taking care of them, and cater to their perceived special needs (e.g., relaxed immigration rules), whether or not they choose to work to support themselves, or to contribute to the nation's welfare. That essentially ignorant group is led and inspired by spaced-out Marxists-Leninists (e.g., professors at Harvard, UCLA, etc.) and shallow, air-head, Hollywood personalities more attuned to Che Guevara than to George Washington.

It appears to be evident that, in spite of President Obama's unarguably failed economic recovery programs, and although his inept handling of international relations is legendary, there now are enough voters dependent on government handouts, and/or incited by dangerous, socially-divisive tactics, to ensure his re-election. Given another four years in which to further addict indolent, thoughtless masses to Socialism, while also adding millions of illegal immigrants that will support him because of his politically-motivated acceptance of their invasion, our nation's downward slide into destructive Socialist policies seems certain. Yes, it's already too late!

It seems that, by clever planning, along with patient execution, those ivory-tower kooks, eternally hoping for the return of Leon Trotsky (an avowed Bolshevik-Leninist), can now see the end of their long, dark "tunnel." The first step in their clandestine operation has been to undermine the foundation of these United States of America; for only when those fundamental economic and social concepts have been weakened and toppled, will it be possible to replace them with demonstrably destructive Socialist policies and morals.

Toward that end, they've continually denigrated proven traditions such as civility, charity, marriage, the sanctity of life, belief in God, honesty, the value of hard work, limited government, and respect for the wisdom of elders. Operating primarily through entertainment, news media, and increasingly liberal schools, they have promoted doing whatever feels good, while simultaneously destroying long-standing beliefs in heroic figures such as Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.

For example, the current issue of Smithsonian magazine (October 2012) offers a feature story that seems insidiously intended to challenge popular perception of Jefferson as a great and noble patriot. And then there are those many movies and television shows which seem designed primarily to destroy long-existing social, familial, sexual, racial, generational, and economic concepts.

Can you remember a popular television series ("Father knows best"), in which a happy, healthy, traditional family was headed by a well-educated, hard-working, loving, thoughtful, and caring father? Perhaps not, but it's safe to assume that you can think of many current television features in which the father is a bumbling fool, usually saved only by the naturally superior wisdom of his teen-aged children. I can think of one show (a cartoon) in which an infant in diapers is clearly much more intelligent and capable than is the fat, flatulent, father. It does seem clear that the entertainment industry has worked long and hard to destroy traditional American families, which have always been the foundation of our nation.

It wasn't so long ago when a Democratic president (John F. Kennedy) famously challenged us to "Ask not what you nation can do for you: ask what you can do for your nation." That is clearly not a thought of our current president, nor will it ever again be given even lip service by future presidents, elected by overwhelmingly government-dependent, amoral, socially-divided masses. It is indeed too late!

Of Cabbages and Kings is a syndicated column by j.g.nash. Relevant comment may be sent to him at

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