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Monday, Mar 30, 2015
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LARRY BUGG Hernando Today correspondent
Published:   |   Updated: May 7, 2013 at 06:10 PM

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Eric Milholland had to be happy.

The Nature Coast head coach's girls team is looking like a MASH unit, but the girls and the boys both took third place at Saturday's Mitchell Invitational at Starkey Wilderness Park.

Nature Coast's Kaylee Arvay has an Achilles injury. Alyssa Deligio is also injured, and Brianna Horn twisted an ankle Saturday and couldn't finish the race.

Freshman runner Alexa Lacy was 11th with a time of 21:49 and was the top finisher for the Lady Sharks.

"I tripped early in the race,'' said Lacy.

"We have two injured girls from last week," said Milholland. "We were hoping for higher than third. George Jenkins is our big competition. They beat us last week. We are working on injuries. The girls may be back in the middle of the season.

"We are not surprised (by Lacy). She is tough. She works hard at practice. The girls are putting in a lot of miles. Those that survive, those that are not injured, are doing really well at meets. They are making progress. I'm happy. Third is better than I thought we would do."

Nature Coast was third with 120 points. Tampa-Sickles and Lakeland-George Jenkins tied for first with 91 points. Sickles had the better top-five time of 1:50 and was declared the winner.

Springstead's Tiana Newton was ninth with a time of 21:32. Nature Coast's Brielle Perlingieri was 14th with a time of 21:54.

The Lady Eagles placed 11th with a 290 total. Hernando came in 14th (396).

Nature Coast's Cody Van Natter finished seventh with a time of 17:37. Behind his effort, the Sharks were third with 106 points. Sickles won the boys with 66 points.

"Cody was on today,'' said Milholland. "When he is focused and he is on, the pack is right there behind him. Our fifth and sixth have stepped up. They have made a lot of progress."

Nature Coast's Kevin Ciccone was 13th with a time of 17:59. James Harkless was 16th with a time of 18:11. Stephen Murphy was 22nd with an 18:26 time.

Springstead's James Amodie was 23rd with a time of 18:29. The Eagles were sixth overall (197) and Hernando 16th (464).


Mitchell Invitational

at Starkey Wilderness Park



1. Tampa-Sickles 91; 2. Lakeland-George Jenkins 91; 3. Nature Coast 120; 11. Springstead 290; 14. Hernando 396


1. Claudia Cancello, Mitchell, 20:18.6, 9. Tiana Newton, Springstead, 21:32.0, 11. Alexa Lacy, Nature Coast, 21:41.9, 14. Brielle Perlingieri, Nature Coast, 21:54.3, 19. Mary Thomson, Nature Coast, 22:11.3, 28. Crystal Burchhardt, Nature Coast, 22:43.9, 47. Ty'Rhonza Harris, Springstead, 23:49.7, 48. Alyssa Menendez, Springstead, 23:53.6, 51. Summer March, Nature Coast, 24:02.7, 58.  Tabatha Loose, Hernando, 24:17.2, 59. Cindy Caceres, Hernando, 24:17.7, 70. Alexandrea Zieman, Springstead, 24:39.7, 87. Ashley Morris, Hernando, 25:13.0, 98. Kendall Raney, Hernando, 25:44.6, 108. Berkley LaPorte, Hernando, 26:31.0, 109. Dominique Reyes, Hernando, 26:31.7, 130. Amanda Santana, Springstead, 27:45.1, 150. Jonica Herzek, Nature Coast, 30:07.3 



1. Tampa-Sickles 66; 2. Kissimmee-Osceola 99; 3. Nature Coast 106; 6. Springstead 197; 16. Hernando 464


1. Zainelabdin Fator, Tampa-Sickles 17:08.2, 7. Cody Van Natter, Nature Coast, 17:37.7, 13. Kevin Ciccone, Nature Coast, 17:59.5, 22. Stephen Murphy, Nature Coast, 18:26.6, 23. James Amodie, Springstead, 18:29.2, 35. Jesse Laurenti, Springstead, 18:54.0, 41. Zackary Romblad, Springstead, 19:02.2, 46. Carl Zee, Springstead, 19:05.6, 48. Carlton Blackburn, Nature Coast, 19:05.7, 49. Austin Mulyck, Nature Coast, 19:05.8, 54. Jai Jackson, Springstead, 19:23.8, 71. Tyler Pantley, Hernando, 19:51.6, 76. Dennis Carroll, Springstead, 20:19.9, 90. Bailey Mosher, Hernando, 20:50.9, 96. Jeffrey Amodie, Springstead, 20:56.9, 98. Clint Wilkins, Hernando, 21:01.1, 107. Bernard Ndedi, Springstead, 21:32.0, 112. Christian Council, Hernando, 21:56.0, 113. Charles Steinkamp, Hernando, 21:58.5, 123. Justin McGettigan, Hernando, 22:41.4, 130. Anthony Samz, Springstead, 23:01.3, 131. Will Ebanks, Springstead, 23:02.5, 158. Rogelio Mendez, Springstead, 25:52.1

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